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Quantum Transfiguration and consciousness studies

 Over approximately 6 months – beginning early 2023

Students are welcome to pre-register in February to receive course materials AND free participation in Feb and March
QT group sessions to gain insight and experience ahead of the deep dive…

Overview video by Victoria Padma Khandro:

Dharma Stars Quantum Transfiguration and Consciousness Studies

What's included

– Free participation as observer to a series of QT group sessions
– Recorded University Level tutorials by Victoria Padma Khandro on Consciousness, Multidimensionality, Quantum Modalities and much more
– Real time training and experience sessions
– Participation as ‘team members’ in a package of 4 QT group sessions
– Group practices and supervision by Victoria Padma Khandro


Consciousness Studies


– What is consciousness?
– How does ‘quantum consciousness work?’
– What is Quantum Transfiguration
– Why are these modalities important right now?

Examples of modalities


– Energy medicine – Reiki, Sekhem etc
– Shamanism
– IFS – internal family systems
– Quantum modalities – Theta healing, HK, Quantum Liberation, Quantum Transfiguration



– Multidimensional layers
– Chakras and dimensions
– Parts
– Patterns
– Karma
– Ancestors,
– The ‘Soul’, the ‘Historic’, the ‘Core’ and ‘Genetic’ fields

Homework – mapping own parts – then check in with Victoria for one-to-one or small group tutorial

Finding the field


– Accessing the field
– Dealing with saboteurs, etc
– The importance of open questions and healthy curiosity
– Demo


– Knowing your experience level and pitching your work to this
– Ethical therapist conduct
– The importance of karma
– De-colonising from rescuer tendencies
– Not playing ‘god’
– Setting up a practice
– Demo

Decoding yourselF


– Parts session
– Patterns session
– Gene Keys session
– Demo

Additional module for Sekhem students

Quantum work and Sekhem

– Clearings
– Earth Work
– During sessions
– With advanced symbols
– Portals

Course TUTOR

Victoria Padma Khandro


Padma Khandro Victoria Sinclair is a Worldwide respected consciousness innovator having facilitated community trainings and events for over 20 years. She is a trauma specialist originally from Belfast, N.Ireland and works bridging realms and modalities in innovation and unique ways for each client or group’s needs.

Padma Khandro is well-known as a culture bridge-maker in her integral work with a broad range of recognised indigenous elders and teachers in S. America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Her training background includes; Transpersonal Psychology, Epigenetics, Trauma work, Pranayama, Kundalini Yoga, Plant medicines, De-colonisation and Quantum, sound and ancestral practices. She is 

also a plant communicator and trainer of Sekhem Healing, Serpent Codes, Quantum Consciousness, Fundamental Energetics and Altered States of Consciousness. Her fusion trauma informed approaches bridge shamanism, IFS, CRM, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Quantum Transfiguration and Ancestral work. She has been working as a practitioner in Energy Work and Mental Healthcare settings for 20 years. Recently she has become a practitioner of Kalachakra Highest Yoga Tantra, studying with Khentrul Rinpoche and the Dzokden organisation.

Victoria’s dedication to healing communities has initiated various ground-breaking programs including the Lotus Avatar Earthkeepers Program, Wounded Healer Holistic Series and the Lotus Consciousness Platform – a global hub for conscious education – as well facilitating ceremonial practice with plant teachers, tribal councils and communities and at many international event gatherings. She has also recently launched a new Mystery School – Dharma Sekhem Temple Arts Rejuvenation School.

For full biography please visit

Dharma Stars Quantum Transfiguration and Consciousness Studies

Course contribution

Sliding Scale £444- £555

Pre-registration for attendance at preliminary QT sessions and release of course materials as early as 31 st Jan is possible on payment of £111 of the course fees.

Payment Plans

If you wish to have a payment plan please get in touch after paying the £111 to discuss and we are happy to arrange this with you!

Payment details

Please understand that we are to receive the full value – transaction fees are your responsibility.
If paying with PayPal, please select ‘Friends and Family’ option

– Payment details ‘your name’ and ‘quantum training’ and then if on Payment plan write ‘1’ etc if it’s your first payment and so forth so we can easily keep track of your contributions
– Payments to Bank – Natwest – Ethical Solutions – 010657 – 46109854 OR PayPal


We look forward to sharing these teachings and modalities with you at this important time!

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