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Sekhem Seichim Reiki Initiaitons

Level 1 and 2 Combined

Sekhem Level 1 teachings: OPEN NOW for initiations late July/early August.

Advanced Sekhem: provisionally September 2022

Dharma Stars Sekhem Seichim Reiki Initiations

Sekhem is a powerful healing lineage with connections to Ancient Egypt temples and Sekhmet and is combined with the softer Reiki, and Seichim lineages in this initiation, meaning you receive attunement to 3 different forms.  Victoria Padma Khandro has been a Master and Teacher in this lineage for 10 years, having been an energy worker since 1999.

Sekhem teachings and initiations mark a big stepping up from introductory energy work and stabilises one’s field and practice greatly.   Many regard Sekhem as the ‘healer’s healing’ – it requires a commitment to integrity and stepping up – We are energetically only able to work with people who can commit to an authentic spiritual path and practice of deep integrity and profound inner work.

The training also includes teachings from Victoria’s experience with numerous native groups and has a Mystery School aspect to it fusing lineages and modalities in a unique way.

Structure of the Course

The course is 2 days if physical location, and if online is spread over several months with an online initiation that can be received in person at another time if locations align.

Because of the current times most initiations and teachings are now conducted online.
You are welcome to travel to come for an in person initiation.

You will learn:

– Shamanic and Hermetic energetic protection and grounding techniques
– Setting up Sacred Space
Hands on healing techniques
Body Scanning
Chakra and alternative energy systems
Self Healing
Distance Healing
Ancient Egyptian plant teachers
Ancient Egyptian and Lemurian cosmovision
History of Sekhem, Seichim and Reiki lineages
Basic Earthkeeping, shamanic and indigenous science principles where required to enable you to understand Natural Law and Time principles to apply into your practice and to be in abundance with your practice
Ethics and integrity teachings
Using of sacred resins and incenses in sacred and therapeutic space
Teachings on protection and energetic transference
Information on sacred journeys to Egypt and invitation to new special alumni

This powerful modality speeds up our own self-healing process and that of clients and provides deep shifting through residual issues such as ancestral karma, dependencies, toxic relationships.  It deepens our connection to Source energy and consciousness and as such is a portal to higher dimensional awareness and tapping into innate extra sensory gifts we may have.

It also enables us to step into our Sovereign Way of being and to clear old soul contracts to enter into a higher quantum reality and a path of deeper planetary service and awareness.  On top of this it promotes all round health and a strengthening of the energy field to be a more solid, balanced practitioner and citizen of beautiful planet earth!

The larger context of a Sekhem initiation

This is also a deeper opening to the Dharma Stars Mystery School.

For Sekhem initiates we have many Masters level modules available once you have done your Level 1 and 2 Sekhem.

We presently have:
– Plant Spirit Communication
Serpents of Transformation 
Quantum Consciousness and Quantum Transfiguration Healing
Fundamentals in Trauma Healing
Introduction to Divination Level 1
Energetic Hygiene Level 1
The Art of Non-Dual Astrology
Death, Dying, Spiritual Mid-wifery and Transitions

And many more courses coming in 2022.

What's included

Included is also a compiled USB of supplementary healing and reading info for participants on energy work modalities, soul work, our multidimensional selves and Natural Time teachings.

On completion of your self healing programme and sufficient delivery and analysis of sessions with others you will receive Level 1 and Level 2 Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki certificate.

The tuition also includes one to one follow up integration sessions by email/FB or Skype as required.

Suitable for:

The initiation is very powerful and is not suitable for novices. It requires a great deal of energy to channel and to receive and is regarded as the ‘healer’s healing’ of the modalities such as reiki. This course is suitable for anyone who wishes to enter into a deeper awareness of what being a healing practitioner is about. As such a healing crisis/event is often a common and welcomed facet of the integration of the initiation. The course also combines well with shamanic work, bodywork and any spiritual practice that involves discipline and as such is a meaningful foundation or stepping stone to a practice of integrity.

If you feel you need more info please email for a consultation or confirm attendance, have a quick consultation and outline payment time of deposit. 

Course Contribution

Normal Rate: £350  – this is the normal rate for the initiation but will grant you membership of the Mystery School
COVID rate: £274 

We are fine with payment plans of three instalments – one to register, one a month later and one on completion of the distance healing training.

Dharma Stars Sekhem Seichim Reiki Initiations

Course Master and Teacher

Victoria Padma Khandro

Victoria Sinclair is an energy and consciousness worker, transpersonal (eco)psychologist, trauma and postcolonial specialist and plant medicine practitioner and has been journeying and working extensively in Central and South America and Australia since 2006. She is a Culture Bridge for several tribes in Australia and South America, permitted to represent and relay messages for wisdom keepers in order to assist collective healing and awakening. 

Victoria Padma Khandro is currently co-creating new healing blueprint models for trauma and consciousness awakening such as the Wounded Healer series which has been running in Manchester and Ibiza. She organized the Eagle Condor Tribal Gatherings in Palenque, Mexico in 2012 and since then she has been organizing tribal and consciousness raising events globally.

In 2018 she launched the Lotus Programme which is a platform and courses for enabling people to transform beyond trauma and dependencies to realize their fullest potential This also includes the Lotus Avatar Earthkeeper programme within which Victoria mentors exemplary students to find their higher mission and mastery in planetary service.

Victoria is a teacher/master of Tibetan Usui Reiki, Sekhem/Seichim, Reiki, advanced theta healing practitioner, holds the Munay Ki Andean shamanic rites, and is a qualified counsellor, Gitananda lineage Pranayama and Dying Consciously Practitioner.  She is an Advanced Theta Healing, Quantum Liberation and IFS (Internal Family Systems) practitioner and recently completed her basic level CRM (Comprehensive Resource Model) training and Sensorimotor Therapy training with Janina Fisher.  Victoria has pioneered a new fusion approach to healing through the fusion of IFS and Quantum Liberation to provide deep healing. Vicky is presently completing an Msc in Transpersonal Psychology.   She also works with drama action methods and nutrition. Victoria fuses her training in various modalities with the administration of medicines, offering extractions, chakra balance, sound healing, and clearing on many levels using shamanic, intuitive and energy work methods.  She has dieted with over 13 Master Plant teachers and incorporates these spirits and lineages into her work.  She is also an experienced kambo practitioner.

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