Mini Resets are amazing quick sessions to help to regulate your system and bring you back into alignment! They are meant as a way to take pressure off, when the need is imminent. 

We’ve created a series of mini resets to help keep you robust and to give you that extra support and boost over the winter time. 

• Clearings
• Nervous System Regulation
• Emotion Codes

These are about 20 min long sessions and easy to fit at any moment. We have different practitioners and different time slots available! The energy exchange for each 20 min session is £23. Get in touch via to book your session!

cosmic mother birthing a rainbow


A quick yet thorough energetic sweep of your system, to clear up your field and lighten up the load a bit in these times. A mini-reset ahead of and/ or during the deeper winter months, creating some space and lightness for your being. For those who are feeling heavy, tired and sluggish, or who just wish to receive this periodically as part of their energetic self-care routine.

Especially recommended after extensive travel -especially through airports- and visiting festivals, concerts or other gatherings.

Please note: the practitioner will reserve the right to determine on an individual case-by-case basis if the level of clearing needed will be suitable for a Quick Fix. If decided that deeper work and/ or a different approach will be needed, the practitioner will sign-post you to the appropriate package, route, and in certain cases they will refer you to another practitioner with the specific expertise needed for the specific work.

emotion codes

The Emotion Codes works deeply with clearing Trauma, Ancestral Lines and trapped emotion stored in the body. The Emotion Codes works with muscle testing, once an emotion is recognised using a chart of 60 emotions she releases the trapped emotion with magnets. This technique Asta has designed and combined into a package making the emotion codes the foundation, then working on multi dimensions, timelines, releasing childhood and past life Trauma she takes it to another level resulting in a high and thorough clearing on multiple levels.


nervous system regulation

Working on the nervous system helps with energetically fragmentation, and to bring you back to centre and to alignment with spirit. It is a very grounding technique, as it helps boost to the immune system in a big way. When we work with the nervous system we work with both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

Please note that these rates are all pilot rates because Dharma Stars is a new initiative – we will be raising the rates from March 2023. Anyone booking in before that date will benefit from these affordable rates. We wish to see everyone evolve.

Please get in touch to see our larger menu of modalities we are qualified to deliver….
We look forward to co-creating for you to welcome in the Golden Age and your part in it!

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