Would you like to receive some high level training or support to get you to the next level?

Have you been holding out for a comprehensive practitioner group to help you to release the shackles and step onto your Highest timeline?
The Dharma Stars team have rented a cottage in North Wales for the month of September and have a jam-packed schedule.
The holistic multidimensional and Soul plan packages and rewiring sessions during our Rejuvenation Sanctuary are now pencilled in. These are an optimum way to come for ultimate focused work with Padma Khandro Victoria Sinclair and the Dharma Stars team. New psychic surgery codes are coming through and this is additional to our comprehensive non-dual astrology readings, karma remedies, gene keys work, ancestral work, epigenetics, pranayama, yoga, art therapy, trauma-informed psychotherapy, shamanism, plant medicines, nutrition, chakra-work, earth-keeping work, quantum work and much more into personalised residential packages, where you can also opt in for the highest option which includes your own bespoke tattoo for your birthing into your Highest Dharma path! …aPLUS high vibe food and elixirs during the Sanctuary sessions!
Imagine having that focused retreat where you grow exponentially because you have quality time with the practitioners and focussed preparation time beforehand and the universe has your back to really call in the clearing of the blockages that have been keeping you constrained and stuck.
Padma Khandro Victoria is the lead practitioner in these retreats and therefore if you have been waiting to go deeper and feel you need the support of a highly specialised and intuitive practitioner who has been sought for her work by people from all walks of life including TV and Hollywood celebrities, indigenous leaders, wisdom keepers and shamans, global visionaries and entrepreneurs – then this could be for you!
The North Wales Rejuvenation Sanctuary cottage will be taking bookings for clients for these life changing sessions and residential packages for the following days:
September 6th, 13th, 20th, 22nd and 30th.
We’re starting to take bookings. We have limited spaces available. If you have been having an existential crisis, you know its time to really walk your talk, you need the support of globally respected multi-faceted practitioners, and you are ready to DO THE WORK, we are already setting up consultations. at
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Because we are also a Mystery School with a commitment to High Teachings, not all of the activities will be open to newcomers. This IS a perfect way, though to start to find out more about our public and private offerings!

We DO have openings for the following of the more public activities:
• Welcoming elders circle
• Holistic healing Package days
• Satsang on Golden Age, Shambhala Warriors – Highest Yoga Tantra codes
• Collaborative Healing Days
• Sacral Chakra day retreat intensive
• Sekhem 1 and 2 and Reiki 1
• Breathwork, Dharma paths and wisdom day
• Healing, readings and tools for Ego afflictions, chakra imbalances, addictions and sexual shadow
• Children’s Fire Day
• Sekhem Temple Arts day including Blue Lotus journey
(Priority for attendance in some of the above will probably to be given to those who are expressing commitment or interest to accompanying longer term programmes)
People are already booking the beds and visits to come and receive/co-create, receive initiations!
Please do get in touch if you’d like more info….this is such an amazing opportunity to go deeper – we have so many teachings that we cant normally deliver online/to novice students and now there is a really amazing chance for European students who wish to become adepts in the Healing Arts to get involved.
We have visitors coming from across Europe and numerous elders and wisdom keepers already confirmed to join us and bring their offerings and magic!
Please get in touch with an expression of interest and we can begin the dialogue! at
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