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As more and more is discovered about DNA, it is acknowledged that epigenetics shows that not only do we inherit things like trauma, but that we can clear and upgrade our DNA. There are ways we can identify, transmute and transfigure old wounds and patterns to actually become a solid foundation for our heightened productivity, awareness and connectedness. DNA too and karma can be ‘transfigured’ – transforming us to a higher aspect. Through a range of techniques from decades of enquiry, self-healing and Guidance Victoria Padma Khandro has been allowed to develop a way for us to utilise many tools and resonances to go into profound rewiring – importantly, finding our soul’s lessons along the way. Because this is a significant modality I feel its important to give you some deeper context so your soul and being can check if it is in resonance – so you are welcome to watch the video, or read on!

Recently, a growing group of us have been working with the Gene Keys system and quantum transfiguration with powerful outcomes – we have been guided to offer regular transfiguration sessions to work through the genetic blueprint as a part of clearing our own blockages but also to upgrade the field – please join us if you would like to experience a deep upgrade!

Dharma Stars Quantum Transfiguration and Consciousness Studies

These are number 2 and 3 of our current package of 4 sessions

Date: 5th February
Time: 6pm UK time
Theme: ‘Men are from Mars, Women from Venus’ journey through the codes and triggers that are up in relating
Facilitator: Victoria Padma Khandro 

This is number 2 of our current package of 4 sessions.

Right now a LOT of people are finding a lot of triggering situations and disharmony in romantic relationships. Currently it seems to have come through in a gendered perspective – around ‘masculinity’ and ‘femininity’ but that may have developed somewhat by the time we all get together!
We are entering into a very deep and karmic dance with a Mars Venus Conjunction for the next few months – passion, delusion, clashes, flings and much more could surface. Alongside the other astrology of the year it feels like actually we are being given a gorgeous opportunity to really clear the slate in our relations. There could be a bit of hot-headedness over the coming month or so, especially before February 26th. So – rather than doing something stupid, come and transmute in our ‘Men are from Mars, Women from Venus’ (tongue in cheek) journey through the codes and triggers that are up in relating…so we can bust through and dedicate to the collective and zero-point this age-old ‘feud’, pain and misunderstanding. 
We will weave tantric wisdom, ancient codes and of course present day situations to release residues and wounds that are at the root of these divisions that cause so much pain, and call in a higher Beauty way for the reconciliation of these powerful energies and the medicine of the celestial bodies – Venus and Mars.
On February 5th we are on White Lunar Mirror day in the Dreamspell Calendar and 9 Aj in the Sacred Calendar (both perfect days for this amazing weaving).

Date: 4th March
Time: 6pm UK time (may be subject to time change)
Theme: Gene Key 10 – Self-Obsession – Naturalness – Being
Facilitator: Victoria Padma Khandro

So many of us have been cooped up a bit too long and this is where ‘self cherishing’ can take over and we languish in working out ‘who’ we are but without the actual practical ability to interact. 
The COVID period has had many gifts but one shadow has been that it can be compelling to be a hermit. The astrology is about to change and social anxiety and ego grasping could take a hold if we let them. In this session we are going to clear the tendency to languish in self and chart the trajectory of Gene Key 10 to step into a higher, altruistic, humanitarian and societal impulse….
This day is also very powerful in numerous astrologies as Jupiter goes into a new phase and we will need to keep wise and pure to benefit from the energies to their optimum….


Victoria Padma Khandro

Padma Khandro is a multi-faceted and intuitive holistic practitioner and Master Teacher of several forms of energy medicine. She recently spent 13 years in a wandering immersion which took her to tribes and wisdom keepers across the globe and uncovering deep mysteries about the ‘Serpent Codes’ which include Death work and rites. With a background in trauma work and working with plant medicines and Altered States of Consciousnes impacted deeply by her experiences growing up in N.Ireland during the Troubles, Padma Khandro has spent the last 30 years working in marginal communities and realms. Padma Khandro experienced death processes first-hand from the age of 15 when her mother left her body.

She has been working with energy medicine, shamanic practices, yoga, psychotherapy and therapeutic support for over 20 years and has pioneered Trauma healing Blueprints, Quantum healing techniques and a Mystery School called Dharma Stars.

She is a keen advocate of Natural and Spiritual Law principles and her recent studies in Vedic astrology also indicate why death, the unseen and transitional realms are something ‘natural’ for her to study and work with. In 2016 Padma became a Dying Consciously practitioner whilst in Peru and she has been working with these teachings in an adapted form since then. She also is a Pranayama teacher, Non-Dual Astrologer and works with Tibetan practices and having studied the Tibetan Book of the Dead around 20 years ago she is now studying with Khentrul Rinpoche and her main lineage is Kalachakra Tantra.

For more on her work visit www.lotusprogramme.com
For more on Dharma Stars www.dharmastars.org


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