Abundance Special Mini Online Day Retreat

Would you like to experience the multi-faceted offerings of Dharma Stars but can’t make it to one of our courses or residentials?

Look no further!   We are offering an online day retreat following up on the successes of a similar day offering in our Cosmic Ashram in N.Wales in September.

July 15
12pm to – 6pm (for Temple Arts Students)
And from 2 – 6pm (for other participants).

You may also register just to take part in one of the sessions of the day.

This will be one of our only open events this year, as most of our offerings this year are only for existing students.

A big theme of the day is ‘abundance’  as there is currently a lot of confusion in the ‘spiritual’ community about what that entails and how one can work in right relation.   Victoria Padma Khandro will be sharing wisdom from numerous indigenous lineages and spiritual traditions to help to dispel delusion around spiritual materialism that is very present in online communities at this time.     

Astrologically we need to be prepared for more financial instability this year and this all serves a marvellous purpose in terms of assisting spiritual growth IF we are able to look realistically at afflictions and obscurations around money, ‘abundance’, ‘success’ and spirituality.  Many adept practitioners are becoming very dismayed and confused about authenticity and the ‘truth’ regarding spiritual principles and staying true to one’s values in marketing, pricing, branding and so forth.  Much ‘spiritual coaching’ is giving inaccurate info that detracts from true Universal and Natural law principles.   Many practitioners are unaware but they are actually creating negative karma from their actions and therefore due to request for these teachings by many students we will share some deep fundamentals to help you feel more robust in an increasingly ‘dog eat dog’ ‘community’.

  Offerings on the day

  • Non-dual Astrology and Natural Law codes Satsang  – ‘Understanding Abundance’ – beyond distortion and materialism to spiritual prosperity, alignment and Dharma – by Victoria Padma Khandro – Begins 2pm
  • Quantum Transfiguration Session with Sekhem energy medicine on Gene Key 27 – Selfishness – Altruism – Selflessness – with the Quantum Transfiguration Level 2 students and Victoria Padma Khandro.  In this session we will go into a deep multidimensional exploration and transmutation of shadow codes of materialism that keep us entwined in sacral imbalances and out of true compassion and altruism.  We will dedicate the insights and shifts from this session to the collective.  Begins 430pm

The Astrology of the day

In the Dreamspell calendar the energy of the day is Blue Resonant Night which is about attuning ourselves to abundance, albeit in a non-material way. Night energy harnesses dreaming energy and as such aligns us with a deeper yin way of accessing the collective consciousness.  When we understand the true workings of non-physical realms and work from yin patterning and dreaming energies we can often step into a more pure and abundant way of being beyond more yang ‘manifestor’ determination.  We are in the Earth wavespell which will help us find true, grounded synchronicity and the true pathway

In the Traditional Mayan Sacred Calendar  on this day we enter the Tijax Trecena.  Tijax is deeply about truth – real truth and cutting though the illusion.  Mark Elmy writes that 1 Tijax is The Beginning of the Healing

The Nakshatra of the day in Vedic Astrology is Arda.   Arda is a deeply transformative nakshatra that has a purifying quality.   Ardra energy is like the furnace that refines a diamond, the tears that transmute our emotional state, the storm that brings calm.

Energy Exchange

Please contact Madalena at madalenambanha@gmail.com.

Please understand that we are to receive the full value – transaction fees are your responsibility.
If paying with PayPal, please select ‘Friends and Family’ option

If you require a payment plan you need to arrange this with us.

– Payments to Bank – Natwest – Ethical Solutions – 46109854 – 010657 OR paypal ethicalsolutions23@gmail.com

Supplementary Offerings

To maximise the outcome of the work we are available in one-to-one capacity in the week before and after the retreat so that you can receive personalised input and support.

During the month of July Dharma Stars are offering a range of low cost treatments and services to help people on their journey.  Please note that these are part of the completion of training requirements for our versatile students.  If you wish to see a senior practitioner for offerings these are only available through consultations and commitment to doing a programme of work with us ie packages, readings, treatments alongside courses etc.

  • Brain Spotting with Madalena Banha £15 per session
  • Quantum Transfiguration with level 2 students – Donations – recommended £15
  • Quantum Transfiguration with more advanced level 2 students – Donations – recommended £30
  • Sekhem distance healing with a Master Teacher £45 – £60
  • Sekhem distance healing with a more recent graduate – donations – recommended £25
  • Sekhem distance healing with a recent graduate – donation
  • Free space at a group distance healing session (contact Maaike or Madalena)

Victoria Padma Khandro has space for 2 of her highly acclaimed Soul Surgery Quantum Transfiguration Sessions before 9th August.    These are £99 per hour or £144 to 90 mins – VERY DEEP

Larger astrological readings, quantum and psychotherapeutic work and packages also available with Victoria Padma Khandro.  It is recommended that you have committed to some work with our team/received teachings from us to qualify for this sort of deep soul level work.

Course Co-ordinator & Practitioners

Victoria Padma Khandro

Padma Khandro Victoria Sinclair was first initiated into Reiki over 20 years ago and used it prolifically as an apprentice in diverse settings around the world. At this time she was also undergoing another stage of her spiritual development where her channel for kundalini energies, mudra and sound deepened. Twelve years ago Victoria was initiated into Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki by her teacher, Maya Ris at the same time as her work as a keeper and server of plant medicines intensified. She became a Master-Teacher in 2011 and since then has been fusing the teachings with those from her 13 years of intensive journeys to native tribes, mystery schools and wisdom keepers. 

Victoria has been practicing yoga, meditation and martial arts since she was under ten years old and studying metaphysics, ESP and witchcraft for thirty three years. She has been teaching for over twenty-five years including to post-graduate level. Padma Khandro Victoria is also a practitioner of Kalachakra – Highest Yoga Tantra.  Her teacher is Tibetan Lama, Khentrul Rinpoche.

In 2019 Victoria completed several deep planetary initiations and rites which deepened her work and ancestral lineage connections as a keeper of the Serpent codes, Illuminator, emissary of Ra and a Death Doula, and associate of several Mystery Schools and Sacred Orders.   Victoria weaves sacred sound, transmission medicine, epigenetic work and transmutation frequencies to enable deep clearings to take place and to allow space for transfiguration. These sessions are opened and closed as a tightly held sacred space, utilising the highest aspects of Reiki and Sekhem and the priestess lineages they imbue, and Victoria’s long years of apprenticeship, professional, psychotherapeutic and shamanic training, space-holding and trauma and shadow work and academic qualifications and teaching experience.

Victoria shares teachings and transmissions to groups, students and clients all round the world – predominantly Asia, Europe, the Americas and Middle East – ranging from spiritual adepts, marginalised groups, health care professionals, transitioning corporates, holistic practitioners and exemplary young people going through processes of awakening. 

More on Victoria’s experience and projects at www.lotusprogramme.com


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