The ‘spiritual scene’ seems to have a disconnect with service.

Dharma Stars has been set up as a ‘Golden Age Recruitment Agency’ for committed Bodhisattvas.

Planetary Service?

We have extensive connections with community organisations, social projects, indigenous tribes and eco-projects. At this time there are many amazing projects who need adept front-line workers. They don’t have time for people to arrive with their ‘baggage’ and the beauty is the tools and practitioners are now all available to help people get safely activated in the right way. We are here to help with that.

Many people are more traumatised than they think, and the pandemic has shown many where they need to focus on growth and healing.

We are here to help you move into real community-mindedness – to true service to humanity and all sentient beings.

We will be setting up a spiritual triage very soon. For now, you are welcome to approach us for the following:

Short-term mentoring

Trauma healing

Mapping your system/traumas

Soul mapping

Non-dual astrological readings and clearings

Karma and Dharma mapping

Epigenetic and emotional transmutation and transfiguration

Quantum Transfiguration

Sub personality work

Ancestral clearing

Plant medicine work and integration

Inner child work

Personality type mapping

Spiritual emergencies

Kundalini awakenings

Intuitive psychotherapy

Energetic clearing


Multidimensional re-wiring

Dharma teachings

Practitioner training, including social permaculture

Please only get in touch if you are serious about your journey. We can do a short discovery session but please know that the highest outcomes are experienced by those who commit to a journey and at this time we are only inviting people who will work for a minimum of 3 sessions. We are opening our doors gradually. The tools and team we have create amazing results. 

We will have monthly bursary for a low income individual. There may be a waiting list for this.


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