Ancient Tantra Meets Lore and Skilful Means


Glen Lyon, Scotland | 2nd to 9th of July

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As part of our annual Mystery School activities, from the 2nd to the 9th of July, we’ll be in the Highlands of Scotland, the mythic land of Glen Lyon, ancient convergence point of Druidic and sacred lineages.

This year the Mystery School will be a deeply transformative, unique and experiential journey. A living container of the Dakini Weaving – Keys to the Golden Age where Ancient Tantra meets Lore and Skilful Means. 

There will be deep magical weavings for SHAMBHALA WARRIORS, with special supervision and Dharma path readings to find your HIGHEST DHARMA, personalised astro insights, SACRED TRIBAL PROTOCOL for honouring elders and MUCH more in the Highlands of Scotland.

With amazing add on teachings from LOCAL WISDOM KEEPERS Norman and Sarah Shaw AND the wonderful DRUID ELDER JJ Middleway.

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How much have you wished that you could have some focused time with specialists in metaphysics, energy medicine, druidic wisdom, earth-keeping, psychotherapy, trauma therapies, shamanism and astrology?

Would you benefit from in person, individualised readings, signposting, supervision and therapeutic support in a sacred setting with time to journal, be in nature and truly discover and work on your life path?

For Dharma Stars we witness a lot of impersonal gatherings where the outcome for the participants is very limited because of large group numbers and a tendency towards a superficial degree of interaction. We fully believe that in order to help to create the conditions for a Golden Age that in these years it is imperative to create containers that really help people to move through their trauma and karma and to become more aligned with their Highest Dharma.  This is one of the reasons why we do not offer glittery, slick retreats but opt for smaller constellations because at the core of it all we really want to create a space for high realisations and profound transformation for our guests.

This year, in particular, there is a portal for those who are already on their transformation path. This is an optimum time to offer some deep one-to-one, individualised work because actually this is what most people really need right now rather than more and more ecstatic dance sessions, cathartic work or deep plant medicine journeys.

Main Overview of the retreat

Based on Section One and Two of the book Dakini Weaving – Keys to the Golden Age – much of the subject matter will be exclusive sharings, satsangs and multidimensional adventures around the theme’s in Padma’s book (which launches on Amazon on 8th May)

The main concepts for this year’s retreat are:

  • Moving from trauma and karma to your Highest Dharma
  • Becoming a Shambhala Warrior and Dakini Weaver – attuning to bringing foundational metaphysical principles and natural law into contemporary modalities
  • ‘Coming in the Right Way’- learning how to be a Sacred Activist for ecosystemic re-alignment through support work to wisdom-keepers and elders. Learning how to honour gatekeepers and anchors in community to create conditions to enter into the Golden Age.

Which includes a special mission with senior druids, celtic wisdom keepers and dakini weavers to sacred sites on the 7/7 portal.

This retreat is from 2nd to 9th July and we have limited spaces.  This is likely to be the last time you can get some in-person one to one teachings and supervision from D-STARS in UK for at least a year so if you are feeling the call please contact us asap for a brochure and to set up a consultation call.

Are you ready to embark on a quest to bring about the Golden Age?

Know more about the Dakini Weaving!

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Dakini Weaving Training

Becoming an Anchor for Change



Recorded course to do in your own time.

Holistic Space-holding



Real time constellation begins October 2024

Golden Age Changemakers as Quantum Pioneers and Sacred Activists



Coming in 2025


Dakini Weaving L1 oral transmissions


Our Dakini Weaving L1 oral transmissions are now available


Dakini Weaving is a refreshing intersection point of worlds, realms and possibilities. The title draws upon sacred reverence towards the Dakini or Skydancer, & the timeless function of literal and metaphysical weaving. In a world of separation, delusion & ecological instability, Padma Khandro calls forth principles from Kalachakra Tantra, Indigenous Knowledge Systems & Natural & Cosmic Law to bring a message of hope to activate & remind New Earth pioneers that we have many keys to enter into a Golden Age within this lifetime!

About Glen Lyon, Scotland

Glen Lyon is in the Highlands of Scotland. It is home to the Fortingall Yew and standing stones, the Praying Hands, Sphinx Rock, is on the doorstep of Schiehallion the Fairy Mountain, the Cailleach stones and many other sacred sites. Yeshua’s grandmother, Anna was said to be born there, and wisdom keepers believe that the area is connected to the Middle East.

For those of you who have not been before. Glen Lyon is an exquisite and special place – steeped in ancient cosmologies. It was regarded as a ‘High Druid Training ground’ and as a High University of the Ancients. We are very fortunate to have our annual Mystery School gathering here! It has a unique ecosystem as ‘Valley of the Sun’ and our guests fall in love with the place and our amazing hosts and we hope you will too!

The Wisdom Keepers

JJ Middleway

Padma Khandro

Sarah Shaw

Norman Shaw

The Team

Victoria Sinclair Padma Khandro

Padma Khandro Victoria Sinclair is a Worldwide respected consciousness innovator having facilitated community trainings and events for over 20 years. She is a trauma specialist originally from Belfast, N.Ireland and works bridging realms and modalities in innovation and unique ways for each client or group’s needs.

Padma Khandro is well-known as a culture bridge-maker in her integral work with a broad range of recognised indigenous elders and teachers in S. America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Her training background includes; Transpersonal Psychology, Epigenetics, Trauma work, Pranayama, Kundalini Yoga, Plant medicines, De-colonisation and Quantum, sound and ancestral practices. She is also a plant communicator and trainer of Sekhem Healing, Serpent Codes, Quantum Consciousness, Fundamental Energetics and Altered States of Consciousness. Her fusion trauma informed approaches bridge shamanism, IFS, CRM, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Quantum Transfiguration and Ancestral work. She has been working as a practitioner in Energy Work and Mental Healthcare settings for 20 years. Over the last 4 years she has become a practitioner of Kalachakra Highest Yoga Tantra, studying with Rime, non-sectarian Master, Khentrul Rinpoche and the Dzokden organisation.

Victoria’s dedication to healing communities has initiated various ground-breaking programs including the Lotus Avatar Earthkeepers Program, Wounded Healer Holistic Series and the Lotus Consciousness Platform – a global hub for conscious education – as well facilitating ceremonial practice with plant teachers, tribal councils and communities and at many international event gatherings. She has also recently launched a new Mystery School – Dharma Sekhem Temple Arts Rejuvenation School.

Maaike de Haan

Maaike de Haan is an art therapist and holistic practitioner with a foundation in energy medicine and teaching background in higher education, who has devoted her life to studying and working within the Healing Arts. She’s a Dharma STARS co-founder, course contributor and senior practitioner for the platform.

Maaike weaves a fusion of modalities, anchoring her natural intuitive, empathic and multidimensional gifts in psychotherapeutic training and initiations into ancient wisdom and energy medicine lineages, resulting in a grounded holistic and trauma-informed approach.

Maaike is a Quantum Transfiguration practitioner (level 2), Reiki Master [Usui/ Tibetan tradition] and Sekhem Master/ Teacher initiate, who has studied specialisms in Energetic Hygiene & Clearings, Spaceholding, Earthkeeping and Death, Dying & Transitions, with her teacher Padma Khandro Victoria Sinclair – who she has been travelling and working with extensively in Mexico, Asia and Europe for the past 4+ years.

Maaike has been initiated into working with several plant teachers/ allies over the years, incl. Blue Lotus and Tobacco. She is trained to do Sananga assisted clearing work also.

Maaike currently works as a resident art therapist with children and teenagers, as part of a multi-disciplinary team at a specialised therapy practice in the North of the Netherlands, in addition to being a Dharma STARS senior practitioner working internationally online and in-person. She is currently developing Quantum Art Therapy as a modality, under the supervision of Victoria Padma Khandro – since 2022.

Maaike is available for (Quantum) Art Therapy, Inner Child and (related) Trauma work, Quantum Transfiguration, Sekhem energy healing and deep Clearing work of people and spaces. Maaike is also able to work remotely.

Madalena Banha

Madalena is an energy medicine practitioner. Since 2018 she has been on a deep energy medicine journey having been initiated into Reiki and Sekhem lineages, being a Sekhem Advanced practitioner.

She’s trained in Permaculture, Plant Alchemy, Energetic Hygiene, Divination, Brainspotting, Multidimensional Spaceholing and is a trauma-informed practitioner.

Her connection with plants has deepened over the years, working closely with them since 2019 and in 2022 she was initiated into Tobacco – a sacred master plant teacher – by her teacher Victoria Padma Khandro.

She’s been working in pioneer and visionary projects, and intergenerationally for over 5 years, being a co-founder of Dharma STARS. Madalena is a bridge between the youth and the elders.