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Here you will find an array of amazing courses, holistic therapies, initiations and teachings to get you onto a deep path.

We have much more…behind the scenes, but in true Mystery School fashion we need to get to know you first before the Higher teachings and Initiations become available!

Sekhem/ Seichim Reiki


Level 1, 2, Advanced, Masters and Teachers

Sekhem Level 1 teachings: December 4th, 2022 – Mexico

Quantum Transfiguration and

Consciousness Studies

Level 1

Beginning early 2023
Registration open

Death, Dying and Spiritual Midwifery

Beginning October 31st

Registration Open until Nov 9th.

Recordings available of previous intake

Serpents of Transformation

Currently running

Next intake: May 18, 2023

52-day immersion

Pranayama, Kundalini work, DNA, Chakra.

Practitioner Ethics

Registration open

Pre-recorded course. Available Now

Energetic Hygiene

Level 1 and 2

Registration open
Level 1 available now.
When enough people have done level 1, we’ll open Level 2

Plant Spirit


Dharma Stars Plant Spirit Communication Course

Beginning spring 2023

Registration open
for enquiry please contact

art of Non-Dual


6-month course – begins Autumn 2022

Fundamentals in Trauma-Informed Approaches

Recordings available of last intake

Holistic tool-kit for robustness in these times


Registration possible from nov 2022

for enquiry please contact

Non Dual Astrology Symposium

coming early 2023

for enquiry please contact


Mini Modules are bite size portions of resources we’ve specifically selected and put together from our main courses, designed to make essential teachings easily accessible to you in these times.

Energetic Hygiene Essentials

Practitioner Starter Kit

The Thorough Therapist

Foundations of Divination


If you are feeling called by any of the above please get in touch to receive news before this goes live!

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