Quantum Transfiguration©
and Consciousness Studies

A fusion modality to enable upgraded blueprint work

In a nutshell – Quantum Transfiguration © is a multi-faceted consciousness and energy based reference point therapy that utilises tools, channelling and conventional tools to assist clients to quickly and safely reach the ‘aha’ moments in their life. It provides a launchpad from what appear to be murky shadowy depths of existence into higher realms of consciousness and being through working in a detailed way through a person’s blueprint.

As more and more is discovered about DNA, it is acknowledged that epigenetics shows that not only do we inherit things like trauma, but that we can clear and upgrade our DNA. There are ways we can identify, transmute and transfigure old wounds and patterns to actually become a solid foundation for our heightened productivity, awareness and connectedness. DNA too and karma can be ‘transfigured’ – transforming us to a higher aspect. Through a range of techniques from decades of enquiry, self-healing and Guidance Victoria Sinclair Padma Khandro have been allowed to develop a way for us to utilise many tools and resonances to go into profound rewiring – importantly, finding our soul’s lessons along the way. Because this is a significant modality, it is important to give you some deeper context so your soul and being can check if it is in resonance – so you are welcome to watch the video, and/or read on!

The modality itself is more psycho-spiritual than medical and does not attempt to replace medical care or to make medical diagnoses. However,  when we get to the root of patterns, cyclical blockages, trauma, karma and psycho-spiritual disturbance, we often find that physical manifestations of dis-ease may subside or disappear.

What is Transfiguration? In short- it is high upgrading beyond ‘transmutation’ to reach the higher/highest way of being from a previous situation – soul alchemy… It is very much about helping someone to find a reference point as a gateway for their field to harness into awakening that’s specific to them and their journey as a fractal.

What’s really important within this modality – is this whole feeling of holding space for the sludgy bit to be realised and not having any duality to the negative stuff, and occasionally having to push through a little bit, occasionally challenging people but having these skilful means to help people to navigate into awareness and self-awareness at where something is sitting very young for them or very prevalent as a fractal or recurring along their family line.

~ We are all different and each of us has a unique blueprint ~
~ We all access Healing and our extra-sensory perception in different ways. ~

One of Victoria Padma Khandro’s missions in life is to support individuals stepping up in their own unique ways, something that will become very clear when participating in this course! Honouring and developing one’s own innate gifts and skills of working with Quantum modalities is a central part– and how to be in the Highest service while doing so. In this course, you’ll find out how consciousness works and how the different modalities working with this can be applied in different ways.

This one-of-a-kind 6 month immersion is a meeting point of Victoria Padma Khandro’s extensive level of experience and long standing commitment to working with (altered states of) Consciousness, the unseen realms and spirituality. It is a culmination of her work in many different fields with many different demographics -spanning the breadth and depth of the human condition- different Shamanic practices, indigenous lineages, plant medicines, quantum modalities and psychotherapy. She has a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology and completed a Doctorate in Trauma Theory and has an established deep personal practice with pranayama, yoga and Kalachakra tantra.

~ Are you ready to do the work and be the Change? ~

In current times, many of us have come to bring about the Golden Age, and to clear our obscurations. To mindfully know ourselves and be real about that which presents in our unconscious and our wounding.  Being the Change as we never know when we may leave this realm.

When we move through it as a group, go in with laser-focus and do it together – we are helping to clear it and to have mindful application of how we can create a better paradigm through all that we are clearing. By transmuting it all and being able to dedicate that to the Collective.

Why is it important at this time? A lot of us are here to zero-point* – the pain, patterns and programs of our ancestors – which is manifested within us. Gaining a deeper insight and angle on our own personal karma.

For extensive information about Quantum Transfiguration© and Victoria Padma Khandro’s personal journey with it:

Our student’ feedback

Tara, QT Level 2 student

QT is an expansive modality. The more I learn the more it grows. To work with other like-minded people is the key to learning and understanding this modality. The more you practice, the more it unfolds. The more you unfold too.
The true key is mastering sitting in heart space.
I am not the same person who started this course. I am more confident and love working with clients. Our level 2 group is constantly evolving and the Transmutation aspect of this work is genuinely a beautiful gift of service. This truly is a wonderful modality.

Quantum Transfiguration© Level 1 Course


What’s Included:

  • Free participation as observer to a series of QT group sessions
  • Recorded University Level tutorials by Victoria Padma Khandro on Consciousness, Multidimensionality, Quantum Modalities and much more
  • Real time training and experience sessions
  • Participation as ‘team members’ in a package of QT group sessions
  • Group practices and supervision by Victoria Padma Khandro

Course Structure:

The course is approximately a 6 month journey, and you are going to be on a journey with it and with what it is going to bring up in your life.

There are going to be official recorded teachings, class teachings, supervised experience by Victoria Padma Khandro, public sessions by Victoria Padma Khandro, group sessions as a team and with QT Level 2 students, and final summary and consolidation. 

● Begins early September with recorded classes for the students to start to really deepen their understanding of consciousness and quantum work.
●In mid-September, around Equinox, the first live group seminar will take place, and from them on the course will start to have a more real-time component.
● Classes will be going on in September, October and November. and the teaching component that is more direct is going to be until about the 11th of December.
● During that time we will have some:
– public sessions (where the students get experience at understanding the group field)
– sessions sometimes with the level 2 students other times with only the level 1 students (on basic themes of QT as a group to help to start getting used to it).
● From December, the students are going to work in peer groups; occasionally this will be supported by level 2 students and approximately every 6 weeks there will be a supervision with Padma Khandro.
● We close down the space around Spring Equinox 2024 (Northern Hemisphere).

Course Content

Here you’ll find a comprehensive overview of the modules and subjects that you’ll delve into when joining this course.

And there will be ample opportunity to discover and nurture your personal specialism within the Quantum Transfiguration work and modality.

– What is consciousness?
– How does ‘quantum consciousness work?’
– What is Quantum Transfiguration©
– Why are these modalities important right now?

– Energy medicine – Reiki, Sekhem etc
– Shamanism
– IFS – internal family systems
– Quantum modalities – Theta healing, HK, Quantum Liberation, Quantum Transfiguration

– Multidimensional layers
– Chakras and dimensions
– Parts
– Patterns
– Karma
– Ancestors,
– The ‘Soul’, the ‘Historic’, the ‘Core’ and ‘Genetic’ fields

Homework – mapping own parts – then check in with Victoria for one-to-one or small group tutorial

– Accessing the field
– Dealing with saboteurs, etc
– The importance of open questions and healthy curiosity
– Demo

– Knowing your experience level and pitching your work to this
– Ethical therapist conduct
– The importance of karma
– De-colonising from rescuer tendencies
– Not playing ‘god’
– Setting up a practice
– Demo

– Parts session
– Patterns session
– Gene Keys session
– Demo

– Clearings
– Earth Work
– During sessions
– With advanced symbols
– Portals

Quantum Transfiguration© Level 2

The course runs for approximately 9 months.

*there are requirements to apply to QT L2

Course Content

– DNA and epigenetics;
– Multidimensional DNA;
– Morphogenetic Field;
– Sacred fractal DNA;
– Water Work;
– Gene Keys;
– Ancestral and epigenetic healing.

– Cross-cultural and Natural Law approaches to Karma;
– Fixed karma, malleable karma etc;
– Remedies for karma;
– Understanding QT approaches to working with Karma;
– Ethical considerations and applications.

– Spotting and working with traumatised people;
– Tools to include to prepare traumatised clients for QT sessions;
– Ethics for referrals.

– IFS and Person-centred counselling revisited;
– Signposting to further study;
– Limitations of what you can and can’t do;
– Punctuality, creating safe frameworks, managing client expectations and outcomes;
– Safeguarding;
– Professional conduct;
– When to refer.

– Decolonisation by working beyond the verbal;
– Early childhood trauma – pre/peri/ natal and preverbal states;
– Understanding non-verbal terrains and situations – risks and benefits;
– Protocols and ethics for non-verbal work;
– How to frame non-verbal work with clients;
– Non-verbal IFS style examples.

– Creating gradual progression paths – how to manage sessions;
– Working with challenging clients;
– Being clear about what you can work with and identifying this;
– Cultural differences.

– Basic teachings on karma;
– Understanding karma in various astrological systems;
– The ‘antipode’ in Dreamspell Calendar;
– Ancestral field in Sacred Mayan Calendar;
– Rahu – Ketu Axis;
– North – South Node;
– Key ages of planetary maturation in Astrology;
– Spiritual maturation.

– Sekhem time travel for non-verbal work;
– Inner-child work through distance Sekhem;
– Symbols that may help for certain situations.

Our student’s feedback

Katy, QT Level 2 student

I highly recommend this training, throughout the level 1 & 2 training we learn both through theory and what I feel is super important; experience and true understanding of how you as an individual work and relate with this modality and how the others relate and work also.
Level 1 in my experience was the laying of the foundation, from the very beginning the lectures, recordings and transmissions from Padma Khandro, started to open up my field to this deeper understanding of consciousness- In the early days I could feel things changing, my awareness and perception, my being totally got it but took a while for my logical mind to catch up- and still doing so! In my eyes this is not something you can ‘figure out’ or get from reading a book- this is a complete journey of experience through yourself and the group constellation and into the collective fields, were we can really see the roles we have as multidimensional beings and the interconnectedness and fractals of all that is.

Level 1 laid the foundation for our fields to open up, to understand ourselves as a multidimensional being and start to see the interconnectedness and weaving of consciousness in everything and everyone. Giving us a framework to start to practise to gain confidence and to start understanding deeper – and from this work on ourselves and our group.
We start to see our roles and how our personal coding, wounds and afflictions are all part of the collective field, and how when we work on ourselves it causes a ripple effect. We can move from taking things personally and ‘woe me’-attitudes to ‘how can we clear this to assist others?’.

From journeying from level 1 and towards the end of level 2, so much has happened, so much uncovered and discovered through practice and experiential learning. From working within a group constellation, you really get to understand how you work as an individual, everyone has a unique way of working, this is celebrated as when we bring all our flavours together we get to see the potency of working as part of a team. This then allows us to see our own personal niches and opens up to how we can develop within this method. I am currently exploring with QT and the physical body and systems, As a yoga teacher with a fascination with the physical body, I see how much is trauma and patterning is stored within our physical body and cellular body and how we can use this as a fractal to gain a deeper insight and clearing through QT.


Level 1


Level 2


The energy exchange is calculated upon an income between £15k and £23k a year.

We have two extra fees available, please contact us if you fall under the following categories

Reduced program fee: £499 for those with a lower income

Sustainer: for those with higher income, please consider donating more to help support and make possible those in need to receive these teachings at a lower rate.

We are ok with payment plan. The normal rate for this is £650. If you need a payment plan, please contact us to set this up at dharmastars.org@gmail.com

Course Co-Ordinator & Practitioners


Padma Khandro Victoria Sinclair is a Worldwide respected consciousness innovator having facilitated community trainings and events for over 20 years. She is a trauma specialist originally from Belfast, N.Ireland and works bridging realms and modalities in innovation and unique ways for each client or group’s needs.

Padma Khandro is well-known as a culture bridge-maker in her integral work with a broad range of recognised indigenous elders and teachers in S. America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Her training background includes; Transpersonal Psychology, Epigenetics, Trauma work, Pranayama, Kundalini Yoga, Plant medicines, De-colonisation and Quantum, sound and ancestral practices. She is also a plant communicator and trainer of Sekhem Healing, Serpent Codes, Quantum Consciousness, Fundamental Energetics and Altered States of Consciousness. Her fusion trauma informed approaches bridge shamanism, IFS, CRM, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Quantum Transfiguration and Ancestral work. She has been working as a practitioner in Energy Work and Mental Healthcare settings for 20 years. Over the last 4 years she has become a practitioner of Kalachakra Highest Yoga Tantra, studying with Rime, non-sectarian Master, Khentrul Rinpoche and the Dzokden organisation.

Victoria’s dedication to healing communities has initiated various ground-breaking programs including the Lotus Avatar Earthkeepers Program, Wounded Healer Holistic Series and the Lotus Consciousness Platform – a global hub for conscious education – as well facilitating ceremonial practice with plant teachers, tribal councils and communities and at many international event gatherings. She has also recently launched a new Mystery School – Dharma Sekhem Temple Arts Rejuvenation School.



with Victoria Padma Khandro

£99/hour or £144/90 mins


with Level 2 students
Donations – recommended £15

with more advanced Level 2 students
Donations – recommended £30


with Maaike de Haan

Quantum Transfiguration Soul Surgery© Session

The transmutation and transfiguration offered in these sessions fuses a potent consciousness shift cultivated by Victoria Padma Khandro’s many years of uniquely weaving shamanic work, sekhem symbols, quantum healing, tantric buddhism, psychic and empathic work, ancestral and death work, the gene keys, astrology, shamanic work and very DEEP level multidimensional clearing assisted from many years of working with profound plant teachers.

Padma Khandro has been working with Quantum healing techniques for over 10 years now and pioneered Quantum Transfiguration© around 7 years ago. As she educates more and more students to this profound modality, she’s finding that the cosmos is opening her up to a deeper understanding and ability to work across timelines and to effect change that cannot be reached in other modalities even after years of dedication.

Many clients have reported that one session of Quantum Transfiguration Soul Surgery© has more outcomes than numerous sessions of deep plant medicine work or decades of psychotherapy. Are you ready to undertake this work?

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