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Non Dual Astrology

Non Dual Astrology
Insights for 2024

A weaving of Vedic, Mayan & Dreamspell astrologies to give very deep insights that get missed through reading of singular systems; A deep dive of 2024 to help you focus on the right things & be prepared for what is coming

Non Dual Astrology
2023 – 2033

Khentrul Rinpoche – Kalachakra Master recently told us that astrologers had outlined that from 2033 the timelines could be conducive to the beginning of a 2nd Golden Age.

This has caused Padma Khandro to look at the next 10 years in non-dual astrology and she’s found some very interesting insights that in fact echoes what wisdom keepers have shared with her from numerous traditions and prophecies that are shared in this session to help you dance better with time.

2h recorded session
£13 – £22

Non Dual Astrology
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In Padma Khandro’s channel, you can fin monthly Non Dual Astrology Transmissions to help you ground in the current energies.

Non Dual Astrology Readings

1:1 Non Dual Astrology Readings

A Non-Dual reading is an insightful reading of several systems concurrently to help to channel potent soul information for you.