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We are a collective of holistic practitioners
who care passionately about Natural Law, High Principles and Planetary Service.

We aspire to weave together Ancient and novel knowledge systems. 
Several of us are keen students and practitioners of Kalachakra Tantra – the Tantra of World Peace. 
For us it’s important to be a grounded group of committed holistic Awakening facilitators who are connected to trusted knowledge systems.

The elimination of suffering of all beings is a massive task. But together and with our affiliated networks, we are committed to activating an initiative to train up a new ‘fleet’ of Shambhala Warriors. This portal in many ways holds dakini energy, and we are fiercely dedicated to heart-based action and service to communities. 

Therefore, we wish to train up exemplary adepts who also have passion for Service and their eyes on the Golden Age.


Here you will find an array of amazing courses, holistic therapies, initiations and teachings to get you onto a deep path.




We have much more…behind the scenes!

But in true Mystery School fashion, we need to get to know you first before the Higher teachings and Initiations become available.
So you are welcome to browse our offerings, watch some of our free resources – which you can access via Padma Khandro’s offerings -, volunteer some karma yoga time, have a session or attend a course!

We are located from Europe to Australia to Mexico. And we have retreats, trainings and karma yoga possibilities in each location.
Online sessions are a norm in these times and we are able to work remotely as well.


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