A Non-Dual reading is an insightful reading of several systems concurrently to help to channel potent soul information for a client.

Non-dual astrology readings weave different astrological systems in the knowing that many systems are accurate and there are benefits in each. At this time Victoria Padma Khandro draws primarily from The Sacred – Mayan calendar (traditional), The Dreamspell Calendar and Vedic Astrology.

When you get a reading from Victoria Padma Khandro you are also receiving the gift of her extensive training and experience as a multi-faceted intuitive, psychotherapist, tantric practitioner, multidimensional and consciousness expert. If you’d like to do some deep soul-plan work around your reading, Victoria is also available to work in an immersive container with you over a period of time to provide deep soul midwifery.

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Why is non-dual astrology helpful?

Non-dual approaches to astrology have proved very valuable for spiritual adepts in the past. An example is Highest Yoga Tantra – Kalachakra and its branch of astrology which works simultaneously with Jyotisa/Vedic, Chinese and Tibetan astrology. This places the subject in a microcosmic dialogue through the body, sadhana, remedies, medicine etc and a dance with the celestial bodies and time in such a distinct way that it can help to achieve liberation in one lifetime. Victoria Padma Khandro is a student of Khentrul Rinpoche, unbiased Kalachakra tantra Master and the readings she provides are intended to help clients and students to lessen the shackles of their karma and to find remedy and a Higher Path to their True Dharma.

Many believe we are entering into a profound timeline and paradigm shift. In order for us to expand our perspective and collectively embrace an expanded worldview, clear karma and raise consciousness we may benefit from more deep collective study of the celestial bodies and Natural Time. By weaving with different systems it may enable a move out of duality which perpetuates many of the current afflictions and suffering in our societies. 

Victoria also utilises her extensive experience of space-holding and ritual to open a very deep held space where, with your permission she accesses your Higher Self and consciousness along with that of the Celestial bodies, Rishis and Day Keepers. Over the days she works on your reading she is in ceremony and communion to receive a Higher Sense of the messages in the timelines for you. As a result Victoria only works on around 2 readings a week to maintain a deep commitment and devotion to reading for you.


The following audio recording gives an overview of what a standard non-dual astrology reading (which is normally actually 3 readings plus informative free audios made by Victoria about some general principles in that system).


Standard reading Length: approximately 3 hours of material
Main reading is usually 2 hours and 20 minutes in length and factors in substantial research time plus the extra context recordings – around 3 hours of material in total.

Cost: £180

Once a month Padma Khandro will do a hardship reading for one person for £144 but a waiting list is likely – you are welcome to get in touch to apply for this.

If you have a limited budget and would still like to benefit from a reading you may request:

• Mayan and Dreamspell Reading (45 min). £49

• Basic Vedic Reading Only – Natal and D9 – (just over 1 hour – plus research time) £90

• Vedic Reading Only – Timelines (only recommended for people who have already had a reading) – (just over 1 hour plus research time) – £90

• Vedic samskaras and remedies reading (just over 1 hour plus research time – recommended for people who have already had a reading) – £90

• Non-dual astrology compatibility reading from 3 systems – 80 min of reading including some samskaras and compatibility astrology from Vedic, Dreamspell and Mayan systems – £123

Other Astrological Specialisms

• Transitioning to the Higher Earth Timeline – overcoming karma and finding your Dharma and highest purpose

• Understanding your Multidimensional role

• Karma, samskaras and trauma

 Compatibiity astrology from Mayan, Dreamspell and Jyotisa

 Cosmic Kids

 Business timelines – getting your organisations right for the year – weaving with 3 systems

I also can offer bespoke readings on various other themes and these can be very potent when done in conjunction with some therapeutic work with me.

Would you like to go on a full shamanic timekeeping personal journey?


Shamanic principles

Weaving with timelines

Personalised clearing sessions

Ancestral work

Psychotherapeutic spaceholding and parts mapping

Sekhem energy medicine for working across time and space

 Quantum transfiguration session

Available in 13 day, one month and 3 month journeys for deep multi-modality and multidimensional soul-plan work. These are substantial offerings and will require committed dedication from the client. Please send an expression of interest if you would like to consider this.

Astrology and practitioner training

Studying Dreamspell Calendar since 2008. Studying Sacred Calendar since 2013. Enthusiast of Tropical Astrology since 2010 and student of Vedic Astrology since 2020. Studied with Ernst Wilhelm, Mark Elmy, Maya 7 Sun, Sherab Gyalmo, Komilla Sutton.

Working shamanically and intuitively for almost 25 years. Teacher for 30 years, 35 years divination experience. Counselling, trauma-informed and psychotherapeutic training from 1999 up to present. Energetic medicine and consciousness specialist since 1999. Quantum transfiguration pioneer. 

Detailed biography on
www.dharmastars.org and www.lotusprogramme.com


“I cannot begin to describe how spot on these non-dual astrology readings were, how much they reflected my life, my journey, and what my soul is deeply called to do. I am knowledgeable in western astrology, and yet each of the readings Padma Khandro offered complimented the other so well. It was like getting new and different pieces to the puzzle of my soul and journey at this time. Each of the different readings provided a new layer, a new faucet, a new understanding and I feel that, together, I have a better road map, a better guidebook for who I am and how I can best move through the energies at this time. I am very interested in doing these readings for my whole family, especially my kids, so I can best support them on their soul’s unique journey.”
Chrissy, LA

“I highly recommend Padma Khandros non- dual astrology readings. PK has a beautiful way to weave the 3 systems of astrology together and is explained and taught in an easy to understand way, as her readings are very in depth with packed with so much information, knowledge and insights. I found it extremely useful to help to gain deeper understanding of my life, who I am and my dharma path. And recieving the insights from all 3 charts woven together to give further clarity on my path. With extra insights into samskaras with is really helpful to understand and see patterns to assist me to move forward on my path.”
Katy Gilmour, Liverpool

“My non-dual astro reading with Padma was without a doubt the best astrological reading I have ever had. I was blown away by her depth of insight and wisdom and ability to weave different systems together. I got a real sense of her love for doing this work and sharing it with the world and I look forward to having more readings with Padma in the future. Thank you thank you thank you.”
Tom Severn, UK

“Having had a non dual astrology reading with Padma I was able to really relate to her findings, which were in total alignment to my circumstances and indeed what was unfolding. For me, the reading bridged the gap between the physical and spiritual realm which was both benifical and very insightful. Highly recommend.”
Orla Magill , Ireland
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