Tobacco Workshop

led by Padma Khandro Victoria Sinclair as guided by the tobacco spirit

You will learn:

• Develop a better relationship with the tobacco spirit;
• History and lineages of tobacco use including different tribal perspectives and usages;
• Utilise tobacco for protection and purification;
• Develop better relationships to other plants and landscapes utilising tobacco;
• The elements and tobacco;
• Pray using tobacco;
• Cleanse auras, heavy energies and mercury from other’s fields and bodies;
• Communicate effectively with others, using this peace and truth medicine;
• Smoking the mindful way;
• Tobacco as master communicator – the plant realms, the human realms and the etheric realms;
• Sopla’s;
• Tobacco Bundles;
• Do divination using tobacco.

We will work with tobacco in various forms over the day including a liquid tobacco cleanse and learning to cleanse oneself and others with mapacho smoke. You will also receive a starter pack to develop your own relationship to tobacco.

As part of the workshop you will each open a tobacco dieta so you must be prepared to make a contract with the tobacco spirit to be guided into deep teachings from this profound core Master Teacher Plant.  Tobacco is seen by many curanderos as the Higher Master Teacher Plant.  It is not about visions or drama.  Its subtlety and truth create deeply meaningful change on a soul level.  In a time with a lot of fickle behaviour and materialism, the essence of Tobacco brings us into alignment with higher integrity and Authority, from the heart and not the ego!

Within the initiation we will explore and experience:

• Liquid tobacco cleanses;
• Snuff;
• Smoke cleansing techniques;
• For communication;
• For spirit work;
• Land offerings;
• Divination;
• Shamanic protection;
• Peace and Diplomacy

Upcoming Initiation Dates

There are no initiations scheduled.
Please email us expressing interest and when we have several requests we will look at upcoming dates.

energy exchange

Normal Rate: £144

You will need to write an expression of interest and be ready to answer some questions in order to assess your suitability/readiness for this initiation to  You will need to demonstrate your ability to walk a humble path and to fully dedicated to your personal healing journey, and where relevant – that of others.

You are then required to pay a £44 deposit to Paypal or Natwest Bank Ethical Solutions 010657 46109854 to ensure your space. First come first served.

Light afternoon/evening meal will be served and you will receive some medicine to begin your personal training dieta.  Please note that your participation in this initiation is to be treated with humility and to open a deeply private and sacred relationship with the plant spirit.   If you are contemplating doing this work because you want to shine on social media or to make money out of it you will not be accepted to do this work.  


Victoria Padma Khandro has been working with tobacco as a Master Teacher Plant since 2012 when she became a chanupa carrier, gifted this sacred responsibility by Karai Alcindo Tupa Wera, an Abuelo of the Guarani tribe.  She works with and administers tobacco in numerous forms having worked with this powerful medicine intensively in different tribal and initiation contexts through her journeys in the Americas and Australia.  She is able to share lore of the ways of the plant, and how we may develop right relation with it and its profound and sacred essence.

Victoria will also teaching you Native American style smoking protocols to ensure you can develop a deeper relationship to the profound Master Teacher.


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