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Art of Non-Dual Timekeeping

From January 20, 2022

Training in Non-Dual Astrology beginning, in manageable chunks in early 2022!

In 2022 we’re going to be breaking down some teachings from various astrological systems to give an insight as to how we can begin to work with Non-Dual Astrology.  This enables us to ‘zero-point’ by working with convergent points from reading charts and systems together.

We will start off 2022 with some seminars about different systems and then in late 2022 for those who have completed the seminars or feel confident about the different systems we will be running a Masters module on the Art of Weaving with Time


This course has been piloted and created to honour the entering into the Age of Aquarius/Golden Age.

As old systems and constructs collapse and transform, it’s important to understand timekeeping and to unravel from Babylonian control constructs.

This non-dual course is being carefully constructed by timekeeper, Victoria Sinclair who has been teaching on Natural Law and Time principles for five years now and has spent extensive time in the Mayan lands – Mexico and Guatemala, Australia, and has worked with the Serpent codes and time codes from one side of the planet to the other. Victoria has organised key ceremonies globally since 2012 around the timelines.  As a holistic multidimensional practitioner and consciousness expert, she also can give applied teaching from her three decades of metaphysical studies to contextualise timeline work.

This module enables participants to become aligned with Natural Time and also is a real-time transmission from sacred sites and locations to connect you with the planetary grid.    

– Creation stories
– Dragons and serpents and primordial codes and gateways
Fractals – pattern thinking
Dragon lines
The importance of Natural Law and Natural Time
– Guatemalan Mayan Calendar
Galactic Mayan calendar
Guatemalan Mayan calendar and Popul Vuh
Decolonising time concepts
Quetzalcoatl dreaming
Rainbow serpent
Serpent sites and families
Introduction to concepts of Geomancy
Re-forming space-time continuum
Jaguar codes
The underworld
The twins
Guatemalan Mayan calendar and Popul Vuh – the second ray and the twins
The Origines, Grandmothers, and the ‘Dreamtime’
Rainbow serpent and rainbow bridge
Western Astrology and approaches to time
The mythic realm
The cosmic womb
Shamanism and time
Mulching, transmutation, and space protection
Sekhmet, Kali and ‘Time’
Thoth and Hermetic principles
The Egyptian timelines
Jaguar families – preservation


For Sekhem students, there are some extra teachings available.  This course counts as one Masters Module


Date: 20th January
Time: 6pm UK time
Theme: Dreamspell Callendar
Facilitator: Victoria Padma Khandro  

We’ll open with an informative opening seminar on the Dreamspell Calendar as it seems a good entry point for many into concepts of Natural Law and Time.  This is a perfect time to begin – as you will find out – there is a cosmic looping taking place around 2 key dates in the Traditional Mayan calendar and the Dreamspell calendar.

Applied Sekhem and Time

– Sekhem, time and healing – applied sekhem
– Knowing and time
Thoth and Hermetic principles
The Egyptian  and African timelines
Grace and ease as principles
Impeccability as a timekeeper
Time and divination
The Kalachakra and Shambhala – the wheel of time
Tibetan Buddhist perspectives on time and practical components to enter the Golden Age as Shambhala Warriors


Sekhem and time – with clients and collectives

– Therapeutic contexts and zero-pointing timelines for Ascension and healing
– Suns, portals and time-travel
Recharging one’s time battery and fortifying Higher Self flow
Galactic principles of time
Recapping on material including working with consciousness, timelines, earthgrids and sacred sites
Warping time and time travel
Ethics and responsibilities of ‘time-keeping’ – multidimensional approaches
The language of time and consciousness

Please contact us for more info!

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