Padma Khandro Victoria Sinclair

Victoria Padma Khandro in 2024 and early 2025 is available for:

  • High Level Multidimensional Mentoring
  • Non-Dual Astrology readings and Time-line work
  • Soul-plan work involving fusion clearing, psychotherapy, Quantum Transfiguration, Ancestral Work, Gene Keys and Astrology zero-pointing
  • Therapeutic packages including ancestral work, IFS, Quantum Transfiguration, Quantum Art Therapy and sometimes in-house referrals to deepen the scope of the work
  • Lectures and Satsangs
  • Podcasts and Interviews

Teaching Experience

Padma Khandro has over 30 years teaching experience ranging from: children, to young people, to undergraduate and postgraduate students, indigenous groups, adult learners, prison inmates, refugee groups to shamanic students and practitioners, persons with mental health issues and learning disabilities.

She has been studying esoteric practices and wisdom for over 35 years and is a Culture Bridge.

Additional to her holistic practice, Victoria is an experienced project manager and social entrepreneur and has been part of numerous think-tanks, international development and grass-roots initiatives working alongside governments, public and private sectors, the EU and philanthropists.

Victoria Sinclair was a lecturer and tutor for 5 years at University of Manchester and University of Bangor, UK and has successfully brought numerous students to high grade attainment in a range of academic courses from media literacy, film theory, education, post colonial film studies and video ethnography.

Since 2004 Victoria has focused on cultural, community and healing work and has delivered sessions, workshops and ceremonies to thousands of people internationally.

In recent years Padma Khandro has mentored many healers, visionaries and practitioners in Australia, UK, Spain, USA, Taiwan, Kenya, Mexico and Guatemala.

Padma Khandro Victoria Sinclair is a Worldwide respected consciousness innovator having facilitated community trainings and events for over 20 years.

Healing / Practitioner Background

Padma Khandro is a trauma and consciousness specialist originally from Belfast, N.Ireland and works bridging realms and modalities in innovative and unique ways.

Victoria has been a Reiki practitioner since 1999 and is a Master of both Tibetan Usui Reiki and Sekhem – Seichim – Reiki.  She has been teaching people globally since 2012 and has dedicated herself deeply to upgrading Sekhem teachings to help to create a Higher Pathway to Metaphysical Ethical Practitionership as part of her Dharma.

Padma Khandro is well-known as a culture bridge-maker in her integral work with a broad range of recognised indigenous elders and teachers in S. America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

She has been working as a practitioner in Energy Work and Mental Healthcare settings for over 20 years.

Her training background includes: Transpersonal Psychology, Non-Dual Astrology, Epigenetics, Trauma work, Pranayama, Kundalini Yoga, Plant medicines, De-colonisation,  Quantum Transfiguration, Dying Consciously and Bardo practices and ancestral work. She is also a plant communicator and trainer of Sekhem Healing, Serpent Codes, Quantum Consciousness, Death, Dying and TransitionsFundamental Energetics and Altered States of Consciousness, Permaculture and Eco-village Training.

Her fusion trauma informed approaches bridge shamanism, IFS, CRM, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Quantum Transfiguration and Ancestral work.

Over the last 4 years she has become a practitioner of Kalachakra Highest Yoga Tantra, studying with Rimé (non-sectarian) Master Khentrul Rinpoché and the Dzokden organisation.

Padma Khandro is a unique practitioner who works with transmission states and deep clearing to enable clients to process karma and trauma that previously had not been able to surface.

She also has developed Non-Dual Astrology and Quantum Transfiguration to enable zero-pointing of ancestral, karmic and conditioned patterns and afflictions.

Victoria’s dedication to healing communities and helping to prepare for the Golden Age has initiated various ground-breaking programs including the Lotus Avatar Earthkeepers Program, Wounded Healer Holistic Series and the Lotus Consciousness Platform – a global hub for conscious education – as well facilitating ceremonial practice with plant teachers, tribal councils and communities and at many international event gatherings. She has also recently launched a new Mystery School – Dharma Sekhem Temple Arts Rejuvenation School.

Padma’s current work is to provide deep astrological Soul Surgery and bespoke therapeutic work to clients to enable a fast-track in a global consciousness shift.  She is also transferring some of these new healing blueprints to some of her senior students.

Her first book is being launched in Spring 2024 and contains a blueprint for budding Shambhala Warriors to create a more harmonious society and foster World Peace through applied multidimensional activity and realignment with Nature and Dharma. 

Professional and academic trainings and experience detailed later.. 

Professional Resume

Business, Corporate and Coaching Credentials

· Over 30 years teaching experience;
· 20 years course curation experience.   Creating dynamic and original online content since 2016.   Experience of curating and overseeing over 20 courses online;
· 5 years University lecturing including post graduate level;
· Project Management experience – 20 years including EU backed projects, international think-tanks, delegate roles and strategy in Europe, South America and Asia;
· 25 years professional Counselling experience and training;
Trauma trained – 25 years experience and professional qualifications including completing a doctorate in trauma theory;
· 25 years energy medicine and consciousness specialist – trained and professional experience – see healing facilitation resume;
· 15 years astrological training and experience;
· Holistic psychotherapy – trained in Transpersonal Psychology, IFS, CRM, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Counselling – 1997 to present day;
· PgDip (Distinction) in TV and Film Studies and Production – 1997;
· Management and Marketing Training – Graduate Gateway Scheme, UK – 1998;
· Entrepreneur and Business Training – Bolton Business Ventures –  Women in Business  – 2005, Unlimited for Social entrepreneurs including training in marketing and management, 2005;
· 17 years experience studying, writing commissioned reports and working on international network development including for CADIC EU Cluster programme, Bricolabs network, Arts Council UK, Asia-Europe Foundation, Ministry of Culture, Brasil, Institute of Network Culture, Netherlands;
· 15 years global experience studying Natural law, permaculture and indigenous science with international elders, wisdom keepers and visionaries, including specialist studies for MSc Transpersonal Psychology in ecopsychology and indigenous science, Permaculture Design Certificate and Eco Village Training;
· Received 2 years of one to one mentoring with Professor Patrick Humphreys from London School of Economics in SME strategy, international development and network culture 2009 – 2011;
· Coaching, R and D and strategy for ethical businesses, international networks since 2008;
· 40+ years of metaphysical, spiritual and multidimensional training and qualifications – see relevant section;
· 25 + years of event management experience including charity music events, large festivals eg Glastonbury, pilgrimages for wisdom keepers, events for spiritual leaders, community festivals and online symposiums and conferences;
· Almost 20 years of ethnographic and educational experience in the Americas, Asia and Australia.  This has included training with Maestros, elders, Tibetan Lamas, shamans and wisdom keepers from approximately 20 tribal groups and deep immersion in Natural Law, Lore, Dharma and Indigenous Science/Knowledge Systems.  Extensive work with numerous Plant Spirits, Earth-work, ofrendas and pagamentos.  Kalachakra – Tantra of World Peace and non-dual and non-conceptual mindfulness.;
· 5 years of intensive training under the supervision of Kalachakra Rime Master Khentrul Rinpoche of the Jonang Tradition including numerous courses, empowerments and retreats.

Academic/Training Qualifications

Forthcoming 2024 – Advanced CRM – Core Self – Generation and In Utero work with Lisa Schwartz
2023 – Polyvagal Theory Training with Steven Porges
2022 – Understand your Karma  – Vedic Astrology Training – Sherab Gyalmo
2022 – Ernst Wilhelm – Numerous Trainings Vedic Astrology
2022 – Wholeness Work Training with Connirae Andreas
2022 – Pranayama Training with Guruji B.N.S. Iyengar
2021 – Mayan Astrology Training with Mark Elmy
2021 – Tibetan Phenomenology of Death and Dying – Andrew Holocek
2021- Vedic Astrology with Sherab Gyalmo
2020- Kundalini Yoga Chakra Teacher Training with Devi Kaur
2019 – Advanced Pranayams – David Shannahoff – Khalsa
2018 – Pranayama Teacher Training with Jenika Bronson
2018  – Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Training with Janina Fisher
2017 – Geomancy Training – Dr Patrick McManaway
2017 – CRM (Comprehensive Resource Model) training with Lisa Schwartz
2017 – IFS Level 1 with Barbara Cargill
2016 – Quantum Liberation Training with Tamara Messenger
2016 – Dying Consciously Training with Julia Avery
2016 – Holonomic Vision Council, Dreamspell Training, Australia
2015 – Ecovillage Training, Paradise One, Australia
2015 – Kambo Practitioner Training with Giovanni Lattanzi
2013 – MSc Transpersonal Psychology – Not submitted but incorporated in much of current work! -, Middlesex University
2013 – Permaculture Design Certificate Training – Tomas Remiarz
2013 – Advanced Theta Healing with Hetty Driessen
2013 – Theta Healing with Hetty Driessen
2012 – Reiki Master (Tibetan Usui) with Maya Ris
2011 – Sekhem – Seichim – Reiki Master Teacher with Maya Ris
2009 – Sekhem- Seichim – Reiki Advanced with Maya Ris
2008 – Sekhem – Seichim – Reiki Level 1 and 2 with Maya Ris
2007 – Safeguarding and Child Protection Training, Generate project
2006 – Meeting Facilitation Training with Community Arts North-West
2005 – Business Training and Mentoring – Bolton Business Ventures
2004 – Completed Doctorate corrections (did not submit) – Applied Drama and Screen Studies with specialism in Trauma Theory, University of Manchester
2004 – Refugee Awareness Training with Refugee Action
2001 – Foundation TESOL (Distinction)
2000 – Reiki Level 2 with Ian Fletcher
2000 – Mental Health Helpline Training – Crisispoint
2000 – Certificate in Counselling (Person Centered) – Centra
1999 – Reiki Level 1 with Rita Marr
1999 – Sound Recording and Production – NVQ Level 2, Yellowbricks Studio, Manchester
1998 – Government Gateway Scheme – Salford University – Marketing & Management training
1998 – MA Screen Studies (Distinction), University of Manchester
1998 – First Aid Training – BBC
1997 – PgDip TV and Film Diploma (1st Class), University of Manchester
1996 – BA (Hons) American Studies Degree. 1st Class, University of Manchester
Up to 1992 – LAMDA – numerous Spoken Word, Public Speaking and Drama Qualifications

Speaking Engagements and Curation

Victoria Padma Khandro has been curating for and speaking at events for over 20 years.

This work has led her to work with Refugee Action, UK, Ministry of Culture, Brasil, Bogotrax Festival, Colombia,  Glastonbury Festival,  Breaking Convention,  UK, The 2012 Rio +20 Earth Summit, Somara Conference, Australia,  Boom Festival, Portugal, Boomtown Festival, UK,  University of Campinas, Brasil, La Huerto Roma Verde, Mexico, The Lazarus Initiative, One Humanity Institute,  The Trauma Summit, N.Ireland, First Global Ayahuasca Conference, Ibiza, Institute of Network Cultures, Netherlands, Asia-Europe Foundation, Bricolabs Network, Cadic Cluster and many more.

Projects and Initiatives

Since she was a child Victoria was regularly put into leadership and events organization roles. Producing holistic music events since 1997, as an adult she has set up:

with Khentrul Rinpoché Kalachakra Rimé Master Jonang tradition at Punto Cero, Mexico, Nov 2022

Shambhala Warriors

Padma and Dharma Stars are deeply invested in assisting people to find their Highest Dharma and to prepare for the Golden Age/Aquarian Age/New Earth.   Many prophecies suggest we are entering into a profound window of planetary transformation and our trainings are all given with this in mind.

We really aspire to be a High Level Cosmic Finishing School and are glad to also be students of Kalachakra Highest Yoga Tantra as taught by Rime Master Khentrul Rinpoche of the Tibetan Jonang tradition.

We volunteer and assist with some of Rinpoche’s activities and if you would like to connect to an authentic unbroken Tibetan lineage we can signpost you to this during your time with us.     We recently planned and co-produced Rinpoche’s sharing of the Shambhala and Golden Age Prophecies in Tepoztlan, Mexico.  Our Shambhala Warrior Training begins in early 2024 alongside publishing of Padma Khandro’s book on Keys to a Golden Age.

Dharma Sekhem Temple Arts Rejuvenation School (STARS)

Dharma STARS formed in 2021 and is a collective of holistic practitioners who care passionately about Natural Law, High Principles and Planetary Service. For us it’s important to be a grounded group of committed holistic Awakening facilitators who are connected to trusted knowledge systems.

The elimination of suffering of all beings is a massive task but together and with our affiliated networks we are committed to activating an initiative to train up a new ‘fleet’ of Shambhala Warriors. 

Here you will find an array of amazing courses, holistic therapies, initiations and teachings to get you onto a deep path. This portal in many ways holds dakini energy, and we are fiercely dedicated to heart-based action and service to communities.

Sekhem Mystery School Retreat, Glen Lyon, 2023

Lotus Programme

The Lotus Programme has been delivering online & in-person training for upscaling consciousness, empowerment & spiritual sovereignty since 2016. This template for microcosmic empowerment is also the ‘launchpad’ concept for the Avatar mentorig programme and affiliated with Dharma Stars Platform. The lotus as archetype/totem is about working through our sludge as a vital nutrient to our higher, transcendental purpose becoming transmitters & receivers to higher forms of knowledge coming through & finding our place again in our ecosystems to accelerate alignment with the Earth.  Victoria’s refuge name as given by Khentrul Rinpoche in 2020 is Padma Khandro – ‘Lotus Dakini’!

Victoria Padma Khandro has been curating unique courses for multidimensional adepts since 2016 and to date has created over 20 unique, ahead of their time trainings that have been delivered globally.

Wounded Healer – Trauma Healing Blueprint

The Wounded Healer blueprint was launched in early 2017 and delivered highly focused immersions in holistic modalities for trauma release around core issues. Modalities include Breathwork, IFS (Internal Family Systems), Quantum Liberation, TRE (Trauma Release Exercises), Voicework, Cacao ceremonies, plant essences, Movement, Shamanic energy work, Sexological Bodywork and much more.

We created a large team of practitioners to enable groups and individuals to find suitable interventions and support for a variety of traumas. The activities led to more focused retreats and one to one integration sessions.

Picture by Phillip Volker of Reigniting the Ancient Ways work opening Boom Festival 2016 bringing together wisdom keepers from around the world.

Re-Igniting the Ancient Ways

Re-Igniting the Ancient Ways – an initiative for bridging indigenous/ancestral wisdom. RAW has delivered events with Amazonian, Origine, Dogon, Wixarika, Celtic, Druidic, Bwiti, South African and Rainbow Tribe Knowledge Keepers at inner city, nature-based and large-scale festival environments.

ARC Space Manchester (holistic hub)

ARC Space delivered numerous modalities in inner city Manchester to marginalised groups along curative and creative-eco technological frameworks, including Ethical Textiles, Computer Recycling, Local Food Initiatives, Alternative Currencies, Telepresence, Holistic Wellbeing and Healing, CO2 Reduction and Community Media. The hub gained partnerships, funding and recognition locally and internationally and was part of the EU Cadic Cluster Initiative, Bricolabs Network and affiliated with the Asia-Europe Foundation – 2009 – 2012.

Generate Youth and Intergenerational learning Projects

Oral Histories, radio shows, circus, theatre, streamed international dance battles, telepresence activities in schools and indigenous communities, holiday schemes in marginalized inner-city areas and natural settings and African and Afro-Caribbean Heritage Awareness Projects from 2005 – 2012.

Solid Earth

Music Collective, Solid Earth for refugee awareness working with Medicins Sans Frontieres to create holistic music and arts events for awareness and fundraising from 2004 – 2010.

Holistic Retreats and Two Way Learning Culture and Healing Camps and Immersions

Padma Khandro also has organised numerous retreats and tribal events internationally. She brought together indigenous and rainbow tribes in Palenque, Mexico in 2012 honouring the Eagle Condor vision/prophecy. These ceremonies were attended by changemakers, curanderos and tribal leaders from at least 23 countries.

Eagle Condor Gatherings with the Guarani Tribe and Mexican/International Wisdom Keepers and Curanderos in Palenque December 2012.

Padma has also organised several retreats, creative and healing projects and camps with Native leaders in Outback Australia such as here as part of the Tjungu Festival with Senior Law Woman, Auntie Nellie Patterson in Uluru connected with the Women’s Law and Culture camp that she organised in 2016.

As a plant medicine curandera who has studied with medicine men and women across the globe since 2012 Victoria has been organising multi-modality retreats internationally & immersions to take small to medium groups through deep immersions with the objective of reaching spiritual sovereignty.   Victoria has deep ceremonial experience and works across many multidimensional realms to provide a safe container for deep transformation.

Since 2019 Victoria has been hosting an annual Mystery School Gathering in the Highlands of Scotland, the mythic land of Glen Lyon, ancient convergence point of Druidic and sacred lineages.

Earth Work

Victoria works with earth-keeping groups internationally weaving indigenous science and geomancy. She has co-created and co-ordinated activities in Ireland, UK, Spain, Israel, Egypt, Portugal, India, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Peru, Thailand, Australia, Mexico, Netherlands, Bali, USA and Canada.


1:1 soul plan work

Astrological readings, Sekhem initiations, Soul Surgery Quantum Transfiguration©, Mentoring.


Vedic – Kalachakra – Sacred Mayan – Dreamspell


Multilevel Course & Retreat

Level 2 training begins October 2024
Level 1 training Available now!


Dakini Weaving is a refreshing intersection point of worlds, realms and possibilities. The title draws upon sacred reverence towards the Dakini or Skydancer, & the timeless function of literal and metaphysical weaving. In a world of separation, delusion & ecological instability, Padma Khandro calls forth principles from Kalachakra Tantra, Indigenous Knowledge Systems & Natural & Cosmic Law to bring a message of hope to activate & remind New Earth pioneers that we have many keys to enter into a Golden Age within this lifetime!


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