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Death, Dying and Spiritual Midwifery

Lets talk about……….DEATH…..

Begins November 5th 2021


 ● Has the concept of Death and Dying become more real to you in recent times?
 ● Has the current situation suddenly outlined to you that there is a great deal of death phobia in your own or your family’s lives that needs some context?
 ● Are you fearful of death and confused about how to approach it?
 ● Are you wanting to be more equipped to deal with the death of your loved ones and to prepare for your own passing over?
 ● Have transitional phases always fascinated you?
 ● Do you feel there is something missing in the discussion of death when it is raised around you?
 ● Have you been looking for information about different cultures and their approaches to death?
 ● Are you interested in concepts around the ‘Soul’?
 ● Have you heard about reincarnation but would like to know more about some approaches?
 ● Are you interested in how the Ancient Mystery Schools looked at death and how it connects with star systems, astronomy and astrology?
 ● Would you like to meet a cohesive and committed group of practitioners who have been working with death and transitional phases for numerous decades and can provide further bespoke training and support regarding their specialist modalities?
 ● Do you have the feeling that in time you might become someone who works with Rites of Passage or being a Death Doula?

In this 7-part course spread over 3 weeks, we will look at the Ultimate Initiation – death. In Western societies, we are often led to fear death because we lack the understanding of this important journey. Many are contracted and phobic about this transition – family circumstances can be awkward, the dying may be unprepared, and the Soul is often overlooked in modern settings as having any significance.

In this course, we will bring teachings from numerous traditions together to enable you to get closer to an approach to death and dying that is a unique introduction to this important theme, and astounding when we see some of the similarities across the traditions.

Main lineages we will be sharing teachings from:

Tibetan Buddhism, Celtic Shamanism, Andean traditions, traditional shamanism and combined teachings from Ancient Mystery School traditions – we will also bring in references to Kemetic, Mayan, Original ‘Australian’, Native American and Vedic cosmologies woven together with poignant examples from our team’s own experiences in assisting people in transitional phases.

The Topics in summary:

 ● The Serpent codes – Ancient Mystery Schools, Yoga, Pranayama, and death
 ● Working with elderly families, Dharma and death phobia
 ● Dying Consciously – the practice and the concept
 ● Celtic Rites of Passage – The elements and the Last Ecstasy
 ● Tibetan Buddhist approaches to the 4 convictions of Renunciation, Re-incarnation, Death, and the Bardo
 ● Helping people ‘pass over’ and shamanic approaches to death – Gentle Death & Rebirth Guide 
 ● Celestial bodies and Ancient and Renewed spiritual midwifery portals

Please scroll down for detailed overview of topics/practitioners

The sessions include teachings that have remained secret in many settings and over numerous centuries. We provide case studies, practical tools, ethical and practitioner information to enable you to feel more equipped to ‘land’ with the concept and psycho-spiritual aspects of Death

Structure of the course

2 hour sessions – With an approximate 90 min presentation and 30 min Q and A

5 of the sessions will be Real time on Zoom and the other 2 will be pre-recorded to give you space to work in your own time. The sessions and course will also be recorded to access in your own time. Please note it is time sensitive and you need to complete by April – because we will be changing our teaching format and platforms. You therefore have 5 months to complete the course.

Course Dates

The course begins on November 5th and ends on November 27th. We begin the course in Scorpio season (Tropical astrology). In the Dreamspell calendar it is also the Worldbridger wavespell, leading into the Storm. Worldbridger is all about transitional phases, life and death and the Storm catalyses self-generation and also in many ways is the mid-wife of the Tzolkin.

There are key dates we are also aligning with which will be explained during the course which line up with Kame Trecena in the Sacred Calendar which is the life/death/transition sign and we will give deeper astrological insights in some of the transmissions to help you align with Natural Law and Time from multiple systems. So – it is most auspicious that in many systems the time is ripe to look at these themes! The sessions will be in evening time UK/Europe. We will also set up a co-inquiry platform that will last until 12/12.

Participation on this course is also qualifiable as part of your training for the forthcoming ‘Space-holding’ training beginning in 2022

Overview of Sessions

Date: 5th November 
Time: 7pm UK time
Theme: The Serpent codes – Ancient Mystery Schools, Yoga, Pranayama and Death
Facilitator: Victoria Padma Khandro 

In this overview session, Padma Khandro will give an introduction to the ‘serpent codes’ and the skewed approach that many cultures have towards death and dying. Drawing upon insights from Mystery Schools and Ancient traditions, Padma will look at the rites of passage and preparations for death and compare them to the Western views of death processes. Padma Khandro will also touch upon Yogic principles of death preparation and the fractal component of pranayama, with further signposting to how to utilise the breath to prepare for death. In honouring of breath being both the first and the last thing we do we will do some pranayama together as we open the space for the course.

This session will include a brief overview of the following sessions and will be an opportunity to meet the course tutors. It will allow for everyone to come into a mindful constellation of co-enquiry and create a sacred container together with the other course participants. The astrological timelines that frame this immersion will also be introduced.

Date: Pre-recorded – in podcast format to listen to in your own time
Theme: Working with Death Phobia
Facilitator: Petrine McCrohan

In this podcast session, Petrine and Victoria Padma Khandro speak on Petrine’s mother’s dying and death process and how she transitioned on so many levels with her mother; thresholds and mini deaths and rebirths throughout life; grief and love; how vital these opportunities are and how our death phobic culture denies us this growth and profound time to practice for our own death; how to practice and the astrological significator for maturation; age-related cycles and loads more… tune in with Petrine and Victoria Padma Khandro at your leisure.

Date: November 11th
Time: 7pm UK time
Theme: Dying Consciously
Facilitator: Victoria Padma Khandro

How do we Die Consciously? Drawing upon previous cultures, spiritual traditions, and the Dying Consciously teachings of the Four Winds Society (Peru) we will explore how to have more sovereignty over these transitions. How many people leave their bodies in a place or situation that they weren’t prepared for? How can we assist with this? How do we deal with family members who are keeping their family members alive? How to spot when people are beginning to take the ultimate journey? Some insights and tools will be shared to assist persons who are dying or within the first 3 days of crossing over. We will also be deconstructing some of the accounts of transition realms from The Journey of Souls by Michael Newton. We will look at the concept of Free Will and Sovereignty and how we can begin to aspire for a Mindful transition.

Date: November 16th
Time: 7pm UK time
Theme: Celtic Rites: From Form to Formless, The Elements in the Dying Process
Facilitator: Tara Louise Firetree

Many cultures honour the gift of human life and death through ritual, ceremony and rites of passage. These assist us in marking the sacred as well as the many cycles of death/birth throughout life, marking the transitions through are human and soul evolution. In the Celtic and Neolithic times, death has been honoured as a portal to the otherworld, the last ecstasy of life and yet we are in relationship with life and the otherworld in every moment through our connection with the elements.  There is no separation as the elements are carried within and around us and this is what creates form, we are in constant relationship with them as part of nature ourselves. There is a journey with each of the elements as they leave the body which can be perceived on the physical as well as energetic levels. This can be very helpful for those sitting with the dying, as well as those in the dying process to gain an understanding of these stages which can bring more grace and ease through the process. When we can embrace the natural way and timing of things, we can accept the beginning and ending of each stage, opening up to death as our greatest teacher & the liberation of the last ecstasy.

Date: November 22nd
Time: 7pm UK time
Theme: Tibetan Buddhist approaches to the 4 convictions of Renunciation, Re-incarnation, Death and the Bardo
Facilitator: Victoria Padma Khandro

The 4 convictions of Renunciation outline the importance of understanding karma, impermanence, this precious life and the need to escape samsara/cyclic existence. How can we apply these principles to our daily life to bring us to a more Conscious death? We will also look at key concepts outlined in the Tibetan Book of the Dead and the concepts of the Bardo states. Padma Khandro will also discuss other Bardo states and deconstruct practices from plant medicines, meditation and pranayama, as crucial preparatory methods of leaving one’s body.
She will also speak on the experience of reading the Bardo rites to dying or deceased persons and the great blessings and teachings of such experiences.

Date: Pre-recorded to listen to in own time
Theme: Gentle Death & Rebirth Guide
Facilitator: Sandra Nelson

All of these teachings about death are anchored in real life stories and first hand experiences. 

Story telling, guidance and healing: 
– Universal signage and coincidences 
– Signs that occur leading up to death, both short term illness, longer term illness and sudden
 -Dreams of ancestral loved ones visiting including dreams of guides, angelic, animal
 -Importance of Death Soul retrieval space holding 
 -Intervention of strangers who assist with passage of death / messengers 
 -Benefits of poetry, poems and rituals 

Signs in the immediate short-term leading to death: 
– Change in appetite / energy / more sleep 
– Changes in sleep patterns – awake at night 
– Change in body temperature 
– Call to organise affairs 

Crossing over story 
– How to prepare a human for crossing over, what to look out for 
– Hallucinations are the merging of the soul into the astral spirit plane
– How a person can begin to leave their body in the weeks and months prior to death
– How our loved ones may hang around for a few days and weeks after death (revolving door)

Date: November 27th
Time: 7pm UK time
Theme: Celestial bodies and Ancient and Renewed spiritual midwifery portals
Facilitator: Orla Magill

Orla works closely with the collective energies and Sacred sites within Ireland. In 2012 she led an exclusive team of Shamans and Druids around Ireland energetically opening Vortices in pivotal locations. Merging and weaving ancient sites with new innovative doorways connected to the cosmos and multi dimensions. Orla will discuss some of the functions of these Vortices, focusing on the Vortex of letting go which is connected to the Death Realm.


Course Facilitators

Victoria Padma Khandro

Padma Khandro is a multi-faceted and intuitive holistic practitioner and Master Teacher of several forms of energy medicine. She recently spent 13 years in a wandering immersion which took her to tribes and wisdom keepers across the globe and uncovering deep mysteries about the ‘Serpent Codes’ which include Death work and rites. With a background in trauma work and working with plant medicines and Altered States of Consciousnes impacted deeply by her experiences growing up in N.Ireland during the Troubles, Padma Khandro has spent the last 30 years working in marginal communities and realms. Padma Khandro experienced death processes first-hand from the age of 15 when her mother left her body.

She has been working with energy medicine, shamanic practices, yoga, psychotherapy and therapeutic support for over 20 years and has pioneered Trauma healing Blueprints, Quantum healing techniques and a Mystery School called Dharma Stars.

She is a keen advocate of Natural and Spiritual Law principles and her recent studies in Vedic astrology also indicate why death, the unseen and transitional realms are something ‘natural’ for her to study and work with. In 2016 Padma became a Dying Consciously practitioner whilst in Peru and she has been working with these teachings in an adapted form since then. She also is a Pranayama teacher, Non-Dual Astrologer and works with Tibetan practices and having studied the Tibetan Book of the Dead around 20 years ago she is now studying with Khentrul Rinpoche and her main lineage is Kalachakra Tantra.

For more on her work visit
For more on Dharma Stars

Sandra Nelson

Sandra Nelson is a Life Coach with Neuroscience, Usui Reiki Master and Spiritual Intuitive Reader. A Priestess of Manannan Mac Lir Irish Sea God, she is actively a peace creator and keeper, based permanently in Ireland. Sandra facilitates multidimensional spiritual healing through a combination of spiritual map reading,  by thorough investigation and unweaving of deconstruction of thinking before weaving through the Creation of Unique and specific prayer rituals, space holding and prophesy art, storytelling and poetry. Moving naturally as an interpreter between worlds.  Additionally Sandra has completed angelic healing training, basic homeopathic home prescriber course and she has worked effectively with herbs. 

Her training background includes multiple healing and peacekeeping projects that involve being of service to work with mother earth land healing (trauma legacy energy janitor), Pilgrim of Goddess Brigid’s Way, Ulster Province Water Bearer at Uisneach Fire Ceremony.  Additionally Sandra performs Sacred Symbolic Wedding Ceremonies, Birth Naming Ceremonies and Death End of Life Celebration Ceremonies. 

Sandra’s dedication to peace keeping work and being of service to mother earth means that she has performed sacred rituals and prayers with organic ‘pop up’ groups of similar minded individuals. Additionally Sandra has worked  with sacred sites, water spirit, plant spirit, herbs (homeopathically and organically) and Fire Ceremonies, as well as having facilitated mindfulness and meditation.

Sandra’s spiritual healing practice is evolving to be permanently based within rural Ireland as a Grandmother Peace Keeper.  Location currently undisclosed.

While much of her work is not public and has remained private, Sandra Nelsons can be contacted via

Orla Magill

Orla currently lives in Dublin having returned to Ireland after 28 years living in London working within the medical profession. The direction of her life dramatically changed in late 2011 and the call to return to Ireland was initiated following a spontaneous spiritual awakening to work with the Divine Feminine within Ireland.

Tara Louise Firetree

Tara is a Celtic Woman, Alchemist, Ceremonial Facilitator & Mystic. Living in devotion and working with the soul, psyche & soma to guide the return to alignment with source, truth & wholeness. Reclaiming Sovereignty & the Rites of Passage through Birth, Life and Death that assist in our navigation as a human being with our soul’s evolution. Harnessing a deep connection to source, nature, plants, animals, she connects with ancient wisdom through meditation, sound, movement, ritual & poetry, bringing this to the present, living in our everyday modern world.

Petrine McCrohan

Petrine grew up in Melbourne and in the high country of Victoria. By the time she was 30, she experienced a breakdown, a psychological collapse, which in her words was a breakthrough, but at the time it certainly didn’t feel like that!  She went on to recover in 10 years of psychodynamic psychotherapy, both group and individual work, and has been dedicated to understanding human psychology for the past 3 decades.  Her fascination drew her toward studying a Masters in Psychoanalysis, and a Diploma in Psychological Astrology. She has trained in Couples Therapy and participated in a yoga practice and other somatic practices for many years and over the last 18 years she has worked in Aboriginal communities in Western Australia and continues to work with families and communities particularly in Traditional Medicines, with Healers and Healing Practices.



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Registrations open until 8pmUK time, November 11.
The recording of the course will also be available later on as a watch at your own time course.

Course contribution​

Energy Exchange
£166 – Low income (We have 4 spaces available at this rate)
£222 – Basic rate
£255 – Living in generosity. Your generosity enables us to assist persons in hardship to receive the teachings/support

Payment Plans

We have 4 payment plans available.

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Payment Details


– If you require a payment plan you need to arrange this with Madalena
– Payment details ‘your name’ and ‘transitions course’ and then if on Payment plan write ‘1’ etc if it’s your first payment and so forth so we can easily keep track of your contributions
– Payments to Bank – Natwest – Ethical Solutions – 46109854 OR paypal


We look forward to sharing these teachings and modalities with you at this important time!

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