Due to the times we are in, most people have experienced some form of trauma in their life. Some would say we live on a trauma planet and indeed many people remain dislocated from the Higher Potential because of unresolved Core traumas.

Fundamentals in Trauma-Informed Approaches


In this course, we offer an overview to numerous trauma-informed therapies, tools and approaches to give you a multi-layered understanding of how trauma can be tackled from different vantage points and with diverse client needs. The course is intended as an overview to help practitioners and those interested in working through their own wounds to gain a basic understanding of trauma, to work on themselves AND to tune into what form of professional training they might seek in the future.

Students will get to learn how to bridge for overwhelmed clients while they seek referrals and basic insights as to how to gauge trauma in others and self. There is deep weaving of the concepts within trauma work to enable students to work in a lateral and informed way to help to support our communities at this time.

It is a valuable bridging tool in exemplary circumstances and does not substitute full training in a specific discipline or qualification.

Is it time to UPSKILL?

Are you wishing to have more understanding of trauma-informed approaches, tools and modalities?

Would you like to dip your toe in to gain a larger holistic understanding of different modalities before deciding to specialise?

Would you like to gain a steady understanding so that you can get your head round things and be supported by experienced practitioners…?

Would you like to be more trauma-informed, be able to offer bridge tools for those in need?

Would you like to have a decent foundation in numerous trauma modalities in order to have a multidimensional and responsible approach to giving referrals to clients in need plus to understand and work with your own issues?

Format of the Course

This is a recorded course of approximately 23h of material.

It includes teachings on many key therapeutic modalities for dealing with trauma plus mapping of its multidimensional components and training tools and referral programme.

There is a main presentation for each topic and subsidiary teachings.

Includes Teachings on:

Pranayama, EFT, TRE, Psoas Muscle, IFS (Internal Family Systems), Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Trauma Mapping, CRM (Comprehensive Resource Model), Tantric Buddhism – Kalachakra and Trauma theory

· The multidimensionality of trauma;
· Discerning trauma in clients and communities;
· Referrals and bridge tools;
· Final consolidation session.

A message from Padma Khandro

from our 2022 intake

Energy Exchange:

155 – 188£ – recorded course only + one consultation with Padma Khandro

£222 – £255 – recorded course + one consultation + 2x45min mentoring session with Padma Khandro during the time on the course.

If you are experiencing hardship then please get in touch and we can look into another arrangement.

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Course Co-ordinator

Victoria Sinclair Padma Khandro

Padma Khandro Victoria Sinclair is a Worldwide respected consciousness innovator having facilitated community trainings and events for over 20 years. She is a trauma specialist originally from Belfast, N.Ireland and works bridging realms and modalities in innovation and unique ways for each client or group’s needs.

Victoria Padma Khandro grew up in N.Ireland during the Troubles and this catalysed her passion and interest for alleviation of suffering through trauma from a young age. She began international aid in Romanian orphanages from 17 and teaching children in deprived areas from 18. Her academic studies were focused deeply on cultures of inequality and led through a PGDip and MA to a doctorate with a major focus on trauma theory. Somewhat disillusioned with the ‘ivory tower’ Victoria had been studying counselling and energy medicine whilst working with refugee groups during her doctorate time and she soon left the University setting to set up an NGO focusing on fundraising through arts events to provide funding for displaced peoples.

Victoria Padma Khandro then project managed, secured funding and co-ordinated numerous innovative projects in inner city areas, prisons, gang areas, favelas etc from UK to Americas, learning greatly about the human condition and different forms of trauma and suffering throughout her 13 year period of deep nomadism.

Padma Khandro is well-known as a culture bridge-maker in her integral work with a broad range of recognised indigenous elders and teachers in S. America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Her training background includes; Transpersonal Psychology, Epigenetics, Trauma work, Pranayama, Kundalini Yoga, Plant medicines, De-colonisation and Quantum, sound and ancestral practices. She is also a plant communicator and trainer of Sekhem Healing, Serpent Codes, Quantum Consciousness, Fundamental Energetics and Altered States of Consciousness. Her fusion trauma informed approaches bridge shamanism, IFS, CRM, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Quantum Transfiguration and Ancestral work. She has been working as a practitioner in Energy Work and Mental Healthcare settings for 20 years.

In 2016 she pioneered the Wounded Healer Trauma Healing Blueprint in Manchester with a wide array of holistic practitioners and psychotherapists. In recent years Padma Khandro has been deepening a holistic integrated practice with clients and students to enable them to gain inner autonomy and insight around how their systems work which covers basic trauma insights, shamanic, ancestral and quantum work to high multidimensional teachings. Padma Khandro is a practitioner of Kalachakra Tantra – Highest Yoga Tantra for World Peace, studying with Khentrul Rinpoche and the Dzokden organisation, and this also factors deeply in the teachings and messages she shares.

Victoria’s dedication to healing communities has initiated various ground-breaking programs including the Lotus Avatar Earthkeepers Program, Wounded Healer Holistic Series and the Lotus Consciousness Platform – a global hub for conscious education – as well facilitating ceremonial practice with plant teachers, tribal councils and communities and at many international event gatherings. She has also recently launched a new Mystery School – Dharma Sekhem Temple Arts Rejuvenation School.

Maaike de Haan

Maaike de Haan is an art therapist and holistic practitioner with a foundation in energy medicine and teaching background in higher education, who has devoted her life to studying and working within the Healing Arts. She’s a Dharma STARS co-founder, course contributor and senior practitioner for the platform.

Maaike weaves a fusion of modalities, anchoring her natural intuitive, empathic and multidimensional gifts in psychotherapeutic training and initiations into ancient wisdom and energy medicine lineages, resulting in a grounded holistic and trauma-informed approach.

Maaike is a Quantum Transfiguration practitioner (level 2), Reiki Master [Usui/ Tibetan tradition] and Sekhem Master/ Teacher initiate, who has studied specialisms in Energetic Hygiene & Clearings, Spaceholding, Earthkeeping and Death, Dying & Transitions, with her teacher Padma Khandro Victoria Sinclair – who she has been travelling and working with extensively in Mexico, Asia and Europe for the past 4+ years.

Maaike has been initiated into working with several plant teachers/ allies over the years, incl. Blue Lotus and Tobacco. She is trained to do Sananga assisted clearing work also.

Maaike currently works as a resident art therapist with children and teenagers, as part of a multi-disciplinary team at a specialised therapy practice in the North of the Netherlands, in addition to being a Dharma STARS senior practitioner working internationally online and in-person. She is currently developing Quantum Art Therapy as a modality, under the supervision of Victoria Padma Khandro – since 2022.

Maaike is available for (Quantum) Art Therapy, Inner Child and (related) Trauma work, Quantum Transfiguration, Sekhem energy healing and deep Clearing work of people and spaces. Maaike is also able to work remotely.

Angelita Woosnam

Angelita has a passion for working with young children to empower them to be emotionally resilient and better able to deal with the energies and stresses of today. With an interest in assisting families to be trauma aware and ultimately trauma free, she has studied the effects of ACES on the mind, body and spirit.

Angelita Woosnam is a holistic practitioner, Reiki Master teacher, community worker and workshop facilitator living in North West England.

She has lived experience of childhood domestic violence and the resulting trauma has given her insights into the impact of trauma on the affected individual physically, emotionally and mentally.

With over 20 years accumulated knowledge Angelita delivers workshops intended to raise awareness of the effects of stress and trauma on the body and mind thereby equipping participants with tools to help them to be stress and trauma free.

She is a qualified Mental Health First Aider, an Effective Listener and has just completed a course in understanding ACES in relation to childhood development

Christian Platts

Christian Platts has been a practicing body worker for 20 years and has taught thousands of students over the years in the profound control the Psoas can have on the body and the mind.

Dr Adrian Hekel

Dr Adrian Hekel, is GP Counselor, a Trauma Specialist in different trauma healing modalities and also a Kalachakra Tantra senior student. If you’d like to know more of his work and/or you’re interested in some modalities he offers, Dr Adrian Hekel gives online sessions every saturday afternoon australia time, please get in touch with him via his website: or via email:


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