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Energetic Hygiene


We are offering the opportunity for you to do Level 1 and 2 combined as this is such an important topic right now!

 Therefore you may begin the pre-recorded Level 1 now and then when enough people have done level 1, we will do a real-time tutorial and a one-day online retreat to get you to a deeper level of awareness.


The Overview

If you are a practitioner in any modality, your own energy supply is a precious reserve. Energetic hygiene is fast becoming acknowledged as a vital component to any practitioner’s toolkit – for self-preservation and for impeccability. 

In this series of 3 Mini-courses, we take you through the key concepts, theories, and tools to boost your self-care, performance levels, and the well-being of your clients!

Level 3 is a fully accredited practitioner-level course and requires attendance at one of our hubs to complete it.

All of these courses are suitable for for bodyworkers, ‘talking therapists’, energy medicine practitioners, community workers, care workers, persons going through their own awakening process, persons working in hospitality, health care and other occupations which require dealing with large amounts of people and persons interested in holistic, shamanic and native ways of healing (later levels).  It is also suitable for practitioners who have some tools but realise they need a deeper, more holistic approach and understanding.

Some signs you may need to upgrade your energetic hygiene

– Feeling tired/irritable after sessions
– Your workspace feeling stuffy and heavy
Feeling you have somehow ‘taken on’ some of your client’s symptoms – emotionally, energetically, physically
Sensing there is something ‘not quite right’ with a client that goes beyond the physical and emotional symptoms they are focusing on in a session
Clients not maintaining boundaries that have been set
Finding it hard to detach from the content of sessions with particular clients.

Techniques and tools we will explore to enable you to gain a deeper understanding of:

– Transference
– How energy is transferred in sessions and where it can come from
What is ‘subtle energy’ and how does energy travel?
How the energy bodies work
How to keep an energetically clear workspace
Utilising ceremonial facilitator skills such as opening and closing space, sharing intentions, and utilising objects to 
Creating boundaries in body, mind, and spaces
Unattached and legacy burdens
Physical health, parasites, and general diet and recommendations to have a clearer practice
Visualisation practices for energetic ‘protection’, and for therapeutic spaces
Breathwork and sound for workspace, clearing, and sessions
Yoga and movement for boosting your magnetic field
How to cleanse before and after sessions
Varieties of ‘smudging’ medicines and how and when to use them
– How to be stronger/more ‘protected’ as a practitioners
Plant and flower essences that strengthen and protect your energy field
How to spot ‘leaky’ energy
When to consult with other practitioners and useful contact details for referrals for difficult cases
How to utilise earth energies to have better energetic hygiene


Energetic Hygiene Level 1: The Basics

Pre-recorded Section of the course (10 hours)

Level 1 – Available now

Level 2 – Tutorials and online retreat will begin when enough people have done level 1 in 2022

It is recommended you do Level 1, unless you are already an adept with the content and delivery of themes discussed in Level 1.


The course is designed for you to do in your own time – one to two modules per week is recommended.  We will run the Level 2 tutorial and day retreat when we have 6+ registered participants on the Level 1

This Course contains 5 sections, giving a holistic overview of the basic fundamentals around energetic transference and the first steps to establishing an energetically hygienic practice.  Levels 1 to 4 are online, with a deepening degree of Student-Teacher interaction and real-time activities and assessments. Level 5 is a residential/ location-based face to face training delivered on successful completion of levels 1 – 4

Module 1

Introduction to key concepts

– Introduction to the concept of Energetic Hygiene
– Case studies and examples of when energetic hygiene is lacking/required
Introduction to the key concepts in this module

Module 2

The Science

– A deepened investigation into Energetic Hygiene
– The science between energy transference, subtle energies and practitioner to client interaction

Module 3

Mapping Energies

– How to spot if there has been energetic leakage/drainage
– Mapping energy hygiene levels in the practitioner and client
Mapping the energy transference during the session
Utilising the senses to look for signs of energetic transference/interference
Assessing if a room needs clearing before/after a session

Module 4

Preparation for sessions & self care

– Analysing own personality type
– Intention setting
Opening and closing sessions
Healthy boundaries
Understanding the importance of the fractal – creating integrity in own body/mind balance
Cleansing and purification – both of field and body

Module 5

Introductory Tools to assist maintenance of good energetic hygiene

– Visualisation
– Basic room clearing using ‘smudging’ tools
Techniques for clearing rooms where smudging tools are prohibited 
Summary of course teachings

Module 6



Course Tutor

Victoria Padma Khandro

Consciousness and energy medicine specialist, Victoria has been teaching for almost 30 years and holding space in professional therapeutic capacities for 20. These spaces range from tribal councils, talking therapies, shamanic spaces, ceremonies, mediation, quantum and ancestral work and constellations, students, clients, couples, tribal groups, trauma patients, prison inmates, young people and non incarnate energies.
Victoria works on all levels as a bridge of cultures and worlds and illuminator in diverse and many realmed settings and service capacities. For more about her work please visit

Energetic exchange

We have a range of sliding scales.

£88 – £133 for the Online course alone (Level 1)

£155 – £222 for the Online course, tutorial and Day retreat (Level 1 and 2 combined)

£133-£199 for recording of the package above i.e. both course and retreat recordings

– First 3 people who sign up will receive a free 20 minute mini astrology reading with Padma Khandro Victoria or Maaike to get a deeper context on your strengths, weaknesses, karma and dharma using 3-4 astrological systems.

We have 1 bursary place available for £55-£99 every 3 months for the recorded course -please apply in writing.  This will be ‘do in your own time’.  We also from time to time have work exchange options – donation and some work for the mystery school if you would like to support us in that way.


For enquires please contact

Payment Details

Please understand that we are to receive the full value – transaction fees are your responsibility.
If paying with PayPal, please select ‘Friends and Family’ option

– Payment details ‘your name’ and ‘Energetic Hygiene’  plus ‘level you are applying for’
– Payments to Bank – Natwest – Ethical Solutions – 010657 – 46109854 OR PayPal

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