Serpents of Transformation


Holistic Multidimensional Embodiment Immersion

The 3D  – 5D gateway course

High Teachings on the Core Energy Centres


What Our Students Have to Say

“Serpents of Transformation —

The discipline of the routine practice creates an anchor point in the middle of even life’s most chaotic storms– and carries you through to the other side. And having periodic checkpoints for peer-to-peer sharing story reminds everyone that we aren’t crazy, or going through any of this craziness alone. 

Sovereignty over our stories, so we aren’t stuck in states of powerlessness or victimisation; stagnant situations or endlessly repeating loops. Without techniques like this it can easily feel like such circumstances are trapping us, beyond our control, when in reality they are emanating from distortions in our own field which can be cleared/transmuted.

The immersion is a safe space and open invitation for wonky stories and unwanted experiences to decompress and defragment from our hard drives, so to speak.. long held energy/experience patterns release from our body, from our DNA.. feedback loops of negative emotions & trauma interrupt and rewire, leaving fresh space to create positive feedback loops instead. 

Quite massive life shifts can happen, all parts and pieces, internal & external, self & other alike, moving in synchronised geometric harmony, like a kaleidoscope– the natural intelligence of the body and of the quantum field take charge, and profound healing, transformation, and upgrade happens, without the mind necessarily needing to know, understand, or control what’s going on. This process in itself is quite liberating for many of us, who have been so conditioned into trying to micromanage everything with our limited little conscious minds..”

~ Matthew

Something magical happens when you combine pranayama and yoga. And doing them with a specific focus, brings expansion in those areas. And the whole being shifts with it, in a safe and grounded way.

It is just enough accessible timewise for those days and saboteurs “I do not have enough time”, “I am tired” and for possible levels of disconnection with the lower centre. At the same time, being a minimum of 52 days, in a daily life, can be quite challenging.

At each centre, it is shown to us exactly what it is releasing. And it takes courage, discipline and resilience to go through it. In those deep moments you know you have a team that you can reach out to in need of support, and the space safely held.

There’s an alignment of the events that occur in life with the work that’s taking place at each energy centre, that can only be experienced to be understood. It is a journey, and as sometimes in life, the realisation of certain things only comes after, and that feels like one string connecting the centres.

For me, the outcome is enormous and completing it brings me a sense of satisfaction in the being and the body. I feel more at ease, it brought me many insights that have shifted in my being, I’m more in touch with my needs and emotions, and able to tap into my heart. I moved beyond so many patterns that I was stuck into conditioning and my energy field is stronger.
For each one of us different things might arise, depending on what’s needed and right for each one of us at this particular time.

I feel blessed to have access to such teachings in this lifetime.
Serpents of Transformation is a journey of commitment with ourselves and our evolution!

~ Madalena

I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for the Serpents of Transformation and even still it is difficult to put the experience into words that can be shared with others. Mostly because this course takes you on a deep healing journey of the soul and what this looks like will be different for each of us. The different stories and experiences from childhood and past lives that bubble to the surface, wounds which the inner child has carried around for years—and so much more. What I appreciated most of all is we were guided along this journey. We weren’t walking the path alone and when something difficult came up to be witnessed and integrated, we were fully supported in that healing experience, both by Padma Khandro and the other senior students, but also amongst each other. I will absolutely be signing up for this course again in the future and going deeper into my soul’s healing journey.

~ Chrissy

My transformation journey

Since a huge awakening and dealing with the dark night of the soul I was led to Victoria and her amazing serpents course jumped straight out to me!

Throughout the first course I did a lot of clearing of negative energies, dealt with addictions and faced some very dark past! The breathwork combined with the yoga for just 1 hour a day cleared all negativity for the entire day!

The second time on this course I could feel the real awakening of the kundalini energy and it flowing freely up my spine through the crown, it has enhanced my clairvoyance abilities and my instincts are far more tuned on. All my experience with the kundalini energy has been positive. The energy can be very potent combined with the beautiful kaleidoscopic view from my third eye of such beautiful colours the eyes cannot see!

I’m looking forward to returning for a third time and seeing what is in store for me x

~ Claire

‘The serpents of Transformation course I found very challenging but so worth it. I loved the breathwork and noticed how my body felt physically stronger and robust. The yoga poses some I struggled with but with perseverance I really noticed the benefits to my health.  

One benefit was to my pelvic floor muscles and not having to get up 3 times a night for the toilet. Others were with emotional resilience and boundaries that have really helped during these difficult times.  It has given me a beautiful practice I can continue and I feel helped me recently fight off Covid. Thank you.’

~ Maria

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