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Belfast, 2022, Spaceholding training

To pay it forward for students bursaries

We remain committed to our pro-social pathway but the reality is that often the highly reduced rates we offer to low income students means that we are receiving less than the minimum wage per hour. Each of the core team also does significant volunteer work for Dzokden and Dzokden Kalapa organisations and we already have very affordable course prices compared to many people way less experienced than us. We have devoted to many decades of unpaid work, work in disadvantaged communities and with people who are not from privileged backgrounds. We work very hard to pay our privilege forward and we manage to sustain ourselves, but we do seek outside support so that we can extend our offerings to more low income people.

Our team goes above and beyond in making themselves available to answer SOS calls.

In-Kind funding OR Match funding 

Support already given from 2022 – 2024: 

SOS Calls: 16.500£
Discounts in courses: £3.900£
Total: 20.400£

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Temporary Autonomous Zones for meetings

The DharmaSTARS team is largely nomadic and none of us are house holders, the work we do sustains us to be in service in many different locations. By owning nothing, we have a degree of freedom but it also means we pay high rents and have other large overheads, meaning we are challenged if we ever wish to or are called to do anything beyond our solo missions. Currently, through the extensive research Padma did on network development, we invest greatly to come together for sprints of co-working in temporary autonomous zones spaces on an annual or bi-anual base. We wish to create more tangible opportunities for our growing volunteer and affiliates team to come to participate in annual sprints. We wish to subsidise all participants to help to recognise the efforts of everybody who’s contributing to this important initiative. Therefore, we welcome donations of places, spaces, travel costs, food, or rental costs for our annual temporary autonomous zone full team meeting.

In-Kind funding OR Match funding 

Support already given from 2022 – 2024:


*we are Ethical Solutions on Paypal

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