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Serpents of Transformation

Level 1: 52-day pranayama, kundalini, chakra, DNA journey

Begins 31st August 2022

Holistic Multidimensional Embodiment Immersion

The 3D  – 5D gateway course

High Teachings on the Core Energy Centres


Course Overview

What will be covered in Serpents of Transformation Level 1

In recent times we’ve have seen some people who are stuck because they haven’t been educated enough or practiced enough with the lower centres, and residual traumas are preventing full upgrade.  

There are massive waves of cosmic energy about to come through and for the front-liners we need to get everyone ready – to work beyond core and key wounds and to take responsibility to ‘do the work’.   

Many people ‘get it’ with some stuff but go round and round looping. In order for us to fully gain holistic awareness and practice, this real time journey through the first 5 energy centres is a pioneering programme to free ourselves from core traumas and into freedom and higher dimensional awareness.

Here’s a little video to connect you to the immensity of what is on offer:

What is included in the immersion

– 45 day real time immersion with seven day integration period – fifty two day circuit of transformation through four Wavespells.
– Profound upgrading of the first five major energy centres
– Deep teachings on chakras and energy centres. A nine day transformation on each major energy centre of the five lower centres, bringing about a rejuvenation and rebirth in your coding, embodiment and self-awareness
Specially devised holistic set for each centre utilising pranayama, kriya, asana and mantra alongside DNA and multidimensional teachings that have never been applied to this work before
– Core introduction to DNA work and rewiring to help you to understand epigenetics from a multidimensional perspective – laid out easily so you can finally decode your system
Tools for trauma and awakening
– Deepening of the teachings I have been offering on other ‘serpent’ codes courses
– Recorded AND real time sessions
Specially devised satsang, pranayamas, DNA, tzolkin and multidimensional teachings and kundalini flow for each energy centre plus add on teachings and quantum healing sessions to deepen the transmutation on each centre
– Fully aligned teachings with the cycles of Natural Law and Time with the temple of the body, the DNA and the breath – numerological and cosmic time aligning to embody the upgrade
– HIGH TEACHINGS on multidimensionality, mysticism and indigenous science to bring you into full awareness of the 3D – 5D shift 
– Working with ancient and channelled teachings on the kundalini, energy medicine and our circuitry, brought into a holistic framework designed specially for this time
Unique closed loop through the centres beginning at the root and ending at the heart.  This is the circuitry required to be in place to get ready for the twelve centre and DNA transfigurations coming
Teachings on the first three layers of DNA, and five foundational aspects of DNA mechanics and how we can re-code ourselves and connect with the microcosmic serpent frequencies
– Deep practices to understand the programming of the lower triangle and how to clear residual programming through the technology of Breath and Yoga
– Working on addictions, sexuality, trauma and embodiment
– Fundamental education on the workings of these technologies so that you can grasp these to open into the higher Human Blueprint which is explored in the next level 
– Two quantum transfiguration recapitulation sessions to practically understand the language of epigenetics and how to work deeper with your own encoding. There will probably be some astral transmissions that are brought through at this time
– Working with Natural Law and Time
– Deep teachings on numerology for Full calendar alignment – deeper teachings on healing cycles and timelines and aligning your body and being to this
– Teaching on Unconscious patterning
– Deep cumulative process that will engage with birth trauma, sexual trauma, addictions, powerlessness and saboteurs
– Understanding the new ‘power relations’ of resonance
– Working beyond vertical coding to create more aligned harmonics for the new communities
– Joining a sacred space and real time constellation of self-responsibility utilising our own body as the temple and bringing through the knowledge of the Rishis, the Serpents, Order of the Peacock Angel, Order of the Seven Rays, Dragons and Star Nations
– Introductory initiation into the frequencies of the Lemurian Temples of Rejuvenation to prepare for higher frequencies
– Special add on goodies and transmissions – trauma tools, extra study pack for keen students… including extra pranayamas to boost the immune system


Interested?  Keep reading to see what is included…

Dharma Stars Serpents of Transformation

The timing for the launch of this course is auspicious as we are still at the Gateway of the Aquarian Age.
Many people are experiencing deep transformative energies but are not sure how to process this, and are wishing for advice and support in a held space.  

We are called to initiate you into Level One of a system that has been 20 + years in the making by Victoria Padma Khandro, designed for these times, and a gateway to the new Aquarian age Beings we are to become!

We are called to offer this again after Victoria Padma Khandro running this immersion several times since 2020 – with amazing growth and results each time for the participants – and herself! It’s been profound as when Victoria Padma Khandro got the final ‘codes’ to share this during lockdown, the guides made it clear it’s imperative to get this out to core students ASAP…

What You Will Receive

– Introduction to breathwork and pranayama teachings
– 5 specific pranayamas for the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat
– Kundalini yoga postures to deepen the daily flow
– A 40 day Sadhana to clear blockages and unconscious patterning
– Special teachings and homework on each energy centre
– Add on immune booster breathwork
– Add on Trauma Healing exercises to do in your own time if you realise you have some overwhelm or latent wounds to work through
– Introduction to working with the Mayan calendar and specially timed teachings to help you to be in Natural Time – this literally rewires your life to give you more time, resonant relationships and attuned purpose
– 4 Online group sessions hosted by Padma Khandro Victoria Sinclair where we will do ancestral work, IFS and parts work, Quantum healing and constellation work
– Additional workshop on Art Therapy and the Inner Child available from Maaike DeHaan
– Additional support offered at discounted rate from Padma Khandro Victoria and Maaike as requested – intuitive psychotherapy, trauma work, shamanic and energy medicine sessions, quantum and ancestral work, art therapy, etc

The course launches on 31t august

The instructions are clear that we are to begin this amazing programme again! This is only the first step – level one of this immense journey – this is the opening to a knowledge system for the new times that weaves Ancient and Channelled wisdom to help you to upgrade your own energetic circuitry and health and move from contractedness into liberation and service!  

This is for you to get a deeper idea as to what is in store as we co-create together to step forth as Shambhala Warriors! In short, this then leads into the deeper rewiring that will take place in the Temples of Rejuvenation and which we will need plenty of teachers for…  The instructions are to bring our energy centres into the full 3D – 5D emancipation. Then for those who are ready – the next layer into the full blueprint will be unveiled later this year and teacher training allowed mid next year.


Date: 17th  or 18th of August

Where: Padma Khandro Victoria Sinclair profile – a friend request with message is necessary 

Theme: How can pranayama/yoga help work through sexual shadow?chakras, siddhis & magical numerology/astrology and multidimensionality

Who is this for

Presently this course is only open to Sangha, existing students and Sekhem Alumni – the results are profound and this is the gateway into the Temples of Rejuvenation – a major wing of the Sekhem Temple Arts and Rejuvenation School.

If you are not presently in one of these categories (Sangha, existing students and Sekhem Alumni) and still feel the call to do the immersion, you’ll have to do a check-in with us first so we can know of your intentions. Please check registration information.

What Our Students Have to Say

“Serpents of Transformation —

The discipline of the routine practice creates an anchor point in the middle of even life’s most chaotic storms– and carries you through to the other side. And having periodic checkpoints for peer-to-peer sharing story reminds everyone that we aren’t crazy, or going through any of this craziness alone. 

Sovereignty over our stories, so we aren’t stuck in states of powerlessness or victimization; stagnant situations or endlessly repeating loops. Without techniques like this it can easily feel like such circumstances are trapping us, beyond our control, when in reality they are emanating from distortions in our own field which can be cleared/transmuted.

The immersion is a safe space and open invitation for wonky stories and unwanted experiences to decompress and defragment from our hard drives, so to speak.. long held energy/experience patterns release from our body, from our DNA.. feedback loops of negative emotions & trauma interrupt and rewire, leaving fresh space to create positive feedback loops instead. 

Quite massive life shifts can happen, all parts and pieces, internal & external, self & other alike, moving in synchronized geometric harmony, like a kaleidoscope– the natural intelligence of the body and of the quantum field take charge, and profound healing, transformation, and upgrade happens, without the mind necessarily needing to know, understand, or control what’s going on. This process in itself is quite liberating for many of us, who have been so conditioned into trying to micromanage everything with our limited little conscious minds..”

~ Matthew

Since a huge awakening and dealing with the dark night of the soul I was lead to Victoria and her amazing serpents course jumped straight out to me!
Throughout the first course i did a lot of clearing of negative energies, dealt with addictions and faced some very dark past! The breathwork combined with the yoga just 1 hour a day cleared all negativity for the entire day!
The second time on this course I could feel the real awakening of the kundalini energy and it flowing freely up my spine through the crown, it has enhanced my clairvoyance abilities and my instincts are far more tuned on. All my experience with the kundalini energy has been positive the energy can be very potent combined with the beautiful coliderscopic view from my third eye of such beautiful colours the eyes cannot see!
I’m looking forward to returning for a third time and seeing what is in store for me x

~ Claire

Structure of the Course

Real time course – you will have transmissions, videos and background resources. Sessions will be recorded and kept for thirty days. 

You are required to come into this real time flow knowing that the resources of some of the transmissions will not stay live for long. Other materials will be made available permanently.

Your Time Commitment

You will need to ‘keep up’ and commit to a daily practice. There are ‘fast sections’ if some day something comes up so that you still do something without doing the full flow. On the flip side there is also extra goodies if you as a group seem to be working well with the immersion… You are advised to remember this is YOUR opportunity.

This course is also a foundation of tools to step up as a practitioner. The teachings are timeless and this is a fast track for you to be able to then take the second multidimensional regeneration course twice – first as a student, the second as an apprentice, to then qualify as a teacher in this holistic energy circuitry system…

Course Co-ordinator & Practitioners​

Victoria Padma Khandro

Padma Khandro Victoria Sinclair was first initiated into Reiki over 20 years ago and used it prolifically as an apprentice in diverse settings around the world. At this time she was also undergoing another stage of her spiritual development where her channel for kundalini energies, mudra and sound deepened. Twelve years ago Victoria was initiated into Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki by her teacher, Maya Ris at the same time as her work as a keeper and server of plant medicines intensified. She became a Master-Teacher in 2011 and since then has been fusing the teachings with those from her 13 years of intensive journeys to native tribes, mystery schools and wisdom keepers. 

Victoria has been practicing yoga, meditation and martial arts since she was under ten years old and studying metaphysics, ESP and witchcraft for thirty three years. She has been teaching for over twenty

-five years including to post-graduate level. Padma Khandro Victoria is also a practitioner of Kalachakra – Highest Yoga Tantra.  Her teacher is Tibetan Lama, Khentrul Rinpoche.

In 2019 Victoria completed several deep planetary initiations and rites which deepened her work and ancestral lineage connections as a keeper of the Serpent codes, Illuminator, emissary of Ra and a Death Doula, and associate of several Mystery Schools and Sacred Orders.   Victoria weaves sacred sound, transmission medicine, epigenetic work and transmutation frequencies to enable deep clearings to take place and to allow space for transfiguration. These sessions are opened and closed as a tightly held sacred space, utilising the highest aspects of Reiki and Sekhem and the priestess lineages they imbue, and Victoria’s long years of apprenticeship, professional, psychotherapeutic and shamanic training, space-holding and trauma and shadow work and academic qualifications and teaching experience.

Victoria shares teachings and transmissions to groups, students and clients all round the world – predominantly Asia, Europe, the Americas and Middle East – ranging from spiritual adepts, marginalised groups, health care professionals, transitioning corporates, holistic practitioners and exemplary young people going through processes of awakening. 

More on Victoria’s experience and projects at
She is Founder of the Awakening portal the Lotus Consciousness Platform

Maaike DeHaan

Maaike DeHaan is an art therapist, intuitive artist and ceremonial tattooist with a background in energy medicine and higher education.

Maaike has been working with students, women, children, teenagers and their families through the medium of play, creative expression and visual arts, in educational and (psycho)therapeutic settings spanning a period of over 15 years.

Central themes in her work to date have been authentic self expression and self exploration, Inner Child and (related) trauma work, grief and mourning.

Having traveled extensively for the past 10 years through mainland Europe, the UK, Thailand and Mexico, Maaike has studied with various teachers (incl. Padma Khandro Victoria Sinclair) and collaborated with local wisdom keepers and people from all walks of life on projects involving (mobile) community living, art, traditional and modern tattooing, energy healing modalities, ceremonial space holding and earth keeping.

Maaike is a Reiki Master/Teacher in the Usui/ Tibetan tradition and Sekhem-Seichem-Reiki energy medicine initiate, currently working on her Master/Teacher qualification.


Inner Child Workshop

Maaike will be offering an online Inner Child workshop during the Serpents of Transformation immersion, linking in with the themes of the relevant energy centre(s) at the time of offering and utilising psychotherapeutic and art therapy techniques. 

More information on the content of this workshop will be released closer to date. (The starting time can be adjusted to suit the availability of the group) 

Please note: You do NOT need to be an artist to participate in art therapy. There is no minimum level of experience or adeptness with visual arts required to be able to partake in this session and there will not be any focus on your artistic abilities.

The energy exchange for this two-hour workshop will be £76 in total. So the more people join, the lower the fee for each participant.

To reserve your spot, please contact Maaike directly on

Extra Support

Victoria Padma Khandro (Tutor of the Course) for extra supervision or personal readings: Or

Maaike is also on call for anybody who feels they would benefit from a private session at any point during the Serpents of Transformation immersion. She is available for Inner Child work, Art Therapy, exploratory parts work, Sekhem energy work and clearings.
Depending on the level of work and your personal circumstances, there will be a sliding scale energy exchange available for any such additional work.

Optional Day Retreat in North Wales

The Serpents of Transformation programme is part of a larger system for Dharma Temple Arts Schools and Rejuvenation Sanctuaries internationally.    We have been running the immersion consistently since 2020 and now have a group of students who are already proficient practitioners stepping onto the Teacher Training.    SOT is designed to have residential components for very deep holistic rewiring and in-house therapy during 9 day chakra specials.    Our inaugural mini retreat is at the Rejuvenation Sanctuary on 11th September and we will have a Sacral Chakra special (much-needed!) where we will do a specially designed yoga set, art therapy, clearings and a high level satsang and transmission from Padma Khandro Victoria on shame, sexual imbalances, porn codes, the True Priestess codes, Ancient Tantric wisdom and Safe Siddhic Awareness.  There will be a special sacral healing lunch provided and we will work with Mugwort, the Queen of the North European herbs.  Padma Khandro was initiated into Mugwort plant medicine 7 years ago and has initiated many people globally to this profound plant teacher.

Energy exchange for the day:   £76 for students on SOT, £99- 133 for non SOT students (Capacity for 12 students max) for registration please contact us at


Please contact Madalena at

Please note you will be receiving some practices to introduce you to the immersion a few days before – therefore its important to have registered by 20th December in order to have adequate time to ‘land’ with the materials. As the preparation materials are released you’ll also have the opportunity to book in for additional therapy- from Maaike and Padma Khandro- if you feel you will need it.

If you are not a Sangha, existing student or a Sekhem Alumni and still feel the call to do the immersion, you’ll have to do a check-in with us first so we can know of your intentions. You can either do:
– a referral by someone already working with dharmastars
– write an expression of interest or s short audio note of 2 min – to explain why it’s calling you, a bit about you and what you are currently working with

Referrals and introductions are only accepted until August 20.

We are really only interested in people who are very cosmically aligned with this journey right now… 
We will let a few people join a few days late if necessary but they’ll need to catch up…

Let us know as soon as possible as who is taking part slightly affects what preparation videos I need to make before teachings commence.2

Course Contribution

EARLY BIRD – until August 22nd – £222

Normal Rate – £255

Payment Plans

Please contact Madalena at to set this up.
You will be required to keep her updated as to your timely payment dates.

Payment Details

Please understand that we are to receive the full value – transaction fees are your responsibility.

If paying with PayPal, please select ‘Friends and Family’ option

– If you require a payment plan you need to arrange this with us
– Payment details ‘your name’ and ‘SoT’ and then if on Payment plan write ‘1’ etc if it’s your first payment and so forth so we can easily keep track of your contributions
– Payments to Bank – Natwest – Ethical Solutions – 46109854 – 010657 OR paypal

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