We are a collective of holistic practitioners who care passionately about Natural Law, High Principles and Planetary Service

Who We Are

We are a Cosmic Finishing School for diligent practitioners and students who have passion for Service and who also really wish to apply their gifts to ushering in a Higher Timeline and Golden Age.

We strive to offer authentic teachings drawn from many metaphysical traditions with our ‘spine’ being Kalachakra Tantra of the unbroken Jonang lineage, Highest Yoga Tantra.

In this degenerate time it is easy for the ego to get stuck in wishing to be a  ‘celebrity healer/guru.’ For us it’s important to be a grounded group of committed holistic Awakening facilitators who are connected to trusted knowledge systems.  Planetary service and humility are also important to us and to keep ourselves in check and to hopefully attract the right students and clients we offer this dedicated container to High Teaching and humanitarian endeavours.

The elimination of suffering of all beings is a massive task but together and with our affiliated networks we are committed to activating an initiative to train up a new ‘fleet’ of Golden Age Pioneers and Dakini Weavers.

We feel that liberation for practitioners and clients comes when we realise that Awakening goes hand in hand with alignment with Sacred Fundamentals, Radical Yoga Tantras of the Mind and Body, finding one’s True Dharma path AND very importantly, commitment to planetary service and practical aspects of alleviating suffering.

This portal in many ways holds dakini energy, and we are fiercely dedicated to heart-based action and service to communities, especially as we gain more financial prosperity.

What is d-stars mission?

Know more about the Golden Age and being part of the collaborative effort to create a fleet of Dakini Weavers.

Why Dharma STARS

We were originally going to call our mystery school STARS as it’s an acronym for Sekhem Temple Arts Rejuvenation School.

Much of what we offer is connected to the intersection of knowledge systems and many of us are initiates or teachers in SEKHEM healing – which includes reiki. In Ancient Egypt Sekhem meant ‘might’ or ‘authority’. It is also known as the ‘healer’s healing’. We are all dedicated to Higher Authority and ‘walking the talk’ but somehow we also felt we needed to honour the Dharma path, and commitment to High Teachings and Planetary Service that has brought us all together.

We felt the need to emphasise our devotion to Dharma BEFORE the more exotic sounding ‘Egyptian’ side.

The Rejuvenation school/sanctuary aspect of what we offer is connected to the forthcoming healing centres that we will set up in the coming years. This was a term known in what people conceptualise as Lemurian times and we feel drawn collectively to the remembrance of high forms of energy medicine and novel ways of work – multidimensionally, quantum, etherically and with novel medicines and technologies.

Where We Are Based

We are located from Europe to Australia to Mexico and have retreats, trainings and karma yoga possibilities in each location.   Online sessions are a norm in these times and we are able to work remotely as well.

What We Offer

Here you will find an array of amazing courses, holistic therapies, initiations and teachings to get you onto a deep path.

We have much more…behind the scenes, but in true Mystery School fashion we need to get to know you first before the Higher teachings and Initiations become available so you are welcome to browse our offerings, watch some of our free resources which you can access via Padma Khandro’s offerings, volunteer some karma yoga time, have a session or attend a course!


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