Dakini Weaving – Keys to the Golden Age is now live on amazon!

Its live!!!! You can now buy print and ebook versions and it is available on amazon in many countries too!

It is also available on Kindle Unlimited for only a couple of months, so this is a great opportunity for you to check the book before you get it!

This evening at 6pm UK time please join us in FB live for the online launch party as this is a very auspicious day astrologically!

in Vedic astrology it is Akshaya Tritya when both Sun and Moon are exalted.   In Ancient tantric systems the elevation of our spiritual consciousness is accentuated when we can harmonise and balance the Sun and Moon, masculine and feminine, left and right channels.   SO – it is a most fitting day to globally launch this book which weaves feminine, receptive, intuitive concepts with an honouring for lineage, the pillars and gatekeepers and indeed Cosmic and Natural Law.

Such gratitude to everyone who has been supportive throughout this process and to all your beautiful encouraging words in recent days. In the coming weeks there will be short presentations and blog entries and interviews about this timely work!

For now – there is a brief overview on the amazon link.

Dakini Weaving
– Keys to the Golden Age

Volume 1
Padma Khandro

Dakini Weaving is a refreshing intersection point of worlds, realms and possibilities. The title draws upon sacred reverence towards the Dakini or Skydancer, & the timeless function of literal and metaphysical weaving. In a world of separation, delusion & ecological instability, Padma Khandro calls forth principles from Kalachakra Tantra, Indigenous Knowledge Systems & Natural & Cosmic Law to bring a message of hope to activate & remind New Earth pioneers that we have many keys to enter into a Golden Age within this lifetime!

The unorthodox, indefinable & multidimensional expression of the Dakini represents the weaving quality that is discussed & utilised in this journey through lineages, timelines modalities and dimensions. Honouring the feminine principle that is within us all, this innate receptive intelligence does not rely on empirical thought or rigid structures or ideas to connect to the cosmic order. Throughout the book we will outline why it is so important to activate our dreaming, multidimensional and weaving energies to avert from the confines of mind and behaviour that perpetuate suffering and ecological degradation.

Section One
Explores established Natural Law, Time and ‘primordial’ principles in order to resource readers who may have previously lacked these foundations. Drawing on the teaching of many traditional and indigenous systems we may learn to become more capable pattern-thinkers and to gain the perspectives and connectivity to create a consciousness and timeline shift. We bear homage to the gatekeepers, the warriors who have held onto culture in the face of adversity, prejudice and ethnic cleansing.

Section Two
This section brings us up to a more ‘contemporary’ moment and some current concepts that pave the way for an augmented reality from which to embark upon a higher timeline. Here we look at the fascinating epoch that we are in where much ageless wisdom is now being validated by more academic enquiry. We explore topics such as permaculture, trauma-informed work and decolonisation.
Section Three
The final section offers the reader some thought-provoking suggestions and frameworks as to how a quantum shift to a Golden Age may be realisable in the next decades, and explores modalities to help us step into that reality. A Non-Dual astrological framework is provided to help pioneers to prepare in addition to a deeper exploration of tantric principles & an introduction to Kalachakra, Dharma Dating and the child pioneers.

The Dakini Weavers (& yes, you can be one too) are here to remind you that the journey to a Golden Age requires for us to go above & beyond, & not to get entrapped in concepts, duality and conflict.

We invite you to join the dance between the worlds, realms & systems to become a multi-faceted bridge-being & pioneer towards a New Earth timeline.