Your own energy supply is a precious reserve.
Energetic hygiene is fast becoming acknowledged as a vital component to any practitioner’s toolkit – for self-preservation and for impeccability.

In this mini module we will look at some fundamentals of energetic hygiene and awareness and discuss the importance of this in general and for practitioners. 

In addition to this we will explore the travelling nature of energy and how it can get displaced, passed on and absorbed, and show you what oxygen and pranayama have got to do with your personal energetic hygiene. This module will then show you how to get more grounded and avoid energetic ‘leakage’, through foundational yogic energy locks and breathing.

This module is suitable for:

beginning and advanced level practitioners in bodywork, energy medicine, (psycho)therapies and other modalities, anyone going through their own awakening process, anyone that wishes to open up or deepen their Energetic awareness.

Works well in combination with:

‘Practitioner Starter Kit’ and ‘The Thorough Therapist’.


– Why is energetic hygiene important at this time?;
– Science behind energy hygiene – 1st law of thermodynamics;
– Subtle Energies- Reiki;
– Prana, oxygen, free radicals and energy medicine;
– Rootlock and abdominal breathing.

Total Length: 1h

Course Contribution: £22


Mini Modules are bite size portions of resources we’ve specifically selected and put together from our main courses, designed to make essential teachings easily accessible to you in these times.

They are a great way to start exploring topics that feel relevant to your personal situation without immediately committing to a full course. They can help you to get started on your journey, deepen knowledge you already have on a subject or broaden your perspective on personal, professional, spiritual or metaphysical matters. 

The Mini Modules we have available for you are:

– Energetic Hygiene Essentials
– Practitioner Starter Kit
– The Thorough Therapist
– Foundations of Divination
– Consciousness

All modules contain pre-recorded lessons, split up in multiple short videos and are suitable for people with busy lives and schedules to complete in their own time. 

Please note that completing a Mini Module doesn’t equal a qualification or certification in any modality or subject. If you wish to immerse yourself in the subject and/ or qualify to gain access to the higher teachings on the topics/ further levels of the courses, it will be  required that you enroll in and complete the relevant full course. 

Each module stands on its own, yet some of them work very well in combination with each other. To make it easy for you to ‘pick and mix’ according to your individual needs, we offer these modules at very affordable rates.

If you do choose to do the full course after having completed the related Mini Module, the fee you’ve paid will be deducted from the full price of the course.

Disclaimer: All teachings in these modules have been researched up to University masters level by our tutor Padma Khandro Victoria Sinclair in journals and contain evidence-based findings.

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