INNER-CHILD 1:1 Package

What is included:

– 20 minute consultation
– Mapping younger parts – introduction and explanation session plus video and homework and checking in- 1 hour
– Art therapy/IFS/inner child resourcing and intuitive psychotherapy – 90 minutes
– Intuitive reading/Quantum and Gene Keys sessions – 80minutes -including signposting

Energy Exchange:

£222 – £333


You get the attentiveness of TWO practitioners

– Often when we work in a layered approach there is deeper realisation, healing and upgrading
– You get the benefits of different ways of working – often the ‘miracle’ outcomes appear when we work from multiple perspectives
– Multidimensional support. When a space is opened properly we are working with you for the period of the package beyond the zoom calls in a multidimensional and shamanic manner to ensure you can get as many insights and guidance from many realms to aid your upgrade and healing
– Fusion modalities that can be woven uniquely for your personal issues and blueprint
– These packages are reduced rate for normal practitioner rate per hour to promote inclusion
– Cutting edge therapies and mapping sessions to help you find the deep reference points in your process
– A focus on productivity and high outcomes in sessions – expect homework! We want for you to heal and upgrade as much as possible in your time with us -this means taking self-responsibility for doing homework.

We have 5 sorts of package available.
They consist of Three sessions with different variations of healing modalities and homework within.
They are on a sliding scale to cater for low income individuals.

Please note your therapists will give advice for the referral needed for your later sessions due to your progress, needs and availability.

We are fine with payment plans – you will be given an option to pay up front a third of the full package each time and your package may be spread out in time to factor in your integration and homework time – so you are able to spread this out over 4 months (maximum). We wish to see everyone evolve – so please note that these packages have a 4 month time period allocated. If you have signed up early but have not pursued your homework and integration to complete your package in 4 months we will complete the rest of your package on the amended energy exchange band.

Once every 2 months we have part work exchanges available for packages for persons already enrolled with and known to Dharma Stars.

We are also happy to draw up packages for loved ones and couples – these packages are the tip of the iceberg as to what we can offer in a unique pic ‘n’ mix, specialised care package in these times…

Other Packages





We look forward to co-creating for you to welcome in the Golden Age and your part in it!


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