Sekhem is a channelled non-denominational energy – a Living Light Energy that is Universal

The word Sekhem means ‘spiritual might or authority’.

Sekhem energy healing includes Reiki, Seichim and Sekhem, has connections with Lemuria and Ancient Egypt and is regarded to be very powerful in many ways. This ‘power’ is often reported during sessions as feeling a deeper theta state than when receiving Reiki.

Sekhem works on all levels simultaneously, the physical, mental, emotional and all of the spiritual planes. It flows to the places where you need it most, clearing energetic blockages and increasing your natural healing ability and vitality. It helps us to dissolve what no longer serves us to make space for regeneration and rebirth.

It is described as being very gentle, yet powerful in what it delivers to the individual. The ways one will receive Sekhem healing is unique to each person and everyone experiences it in a different way.

Similar to Reiki, a Sekhem treatment can take place in person or in the form of a distance healing session, done remotely.

1:1 Sekhem Treatments

1:1 Sekhem Healing

distance or in-person
with a Master Teacher
£45 – £60/h

1:1 Sekhem Healing

distance or in-person
with an advanced practitioner

1:1 Sekhem Healing

distance or in-person
with a more recent graduate – £25
with recent graduate – donations

Sekhem Distance Healing Group

FREE monthly sessions
with Dharma STARS Sekhem Alumni